Wednesday, March 3, 2010

thumbs down

I am completely furious with New York Governor David Paterson. And as both a New Yorker and one of the entirely misguided people who voted Spitzer-Paterson a few years ago, I feel like I've earned this one.

Last week, Paterson stood at a press conference and told us that he was not running for election because he felt New York needs a person wholly focused on fixing the awful money situation we have going on over here. Then, he stuck his right hand in the air and gave us his solemn, honest pledge that he has never abused his authority as governor.

He did say a few things in between those two statements, for the record.

Rule Number One in Politics: When a politician raises their hand, unbidden, and solemnly swears anything, THEY ARE LYING.

The New York Times is reporting that Paterson instructed two of his staff members, and possibly the State Police to convince the victim that what happened to her was nonviolent. Paterson says that it was 'like breakups you hear about all the time.'

Her face was smashed into a mirror.

She was choked.

She was harassed into not pressing charges.

The Governor has a point there, that is the kind of breakup we hear about all the time. WHICH MAKES IT ALL WORSE.

Good work, Mr. Paterson. Way to go. You are an idiot. You might as well have smashed her face into the mirror yourself. Your coercion choked her all over again. And your actions have probably reopened the wounds of not only 25% of your staffers, but many of your constituents as well.

The statistics on domestic violence are disgusting. A quarter of women have experienced abuse. And that number only counts the ones who are talking about it. By trying to sweep this under the carpet, by not calling it abuse, by saying this incident was nonviolent, the Governor is condoning domestic assault. That is reprehensible. And shame on the members of the New York State Police who obeyed the Governor's orders.

There is no way that any of the people involved will get what they deserve, but sadly, that's par for the course with abusers.


  1. This? This is unforgivable. Your state politics have been even more absurd than Utah's and weird completely weird.

  2. State Police Suck. This would never happen in a Sheriff's Department. And also, I agree. 100%, which doesn't often happen in our political lives, Miss Panama.

  3. We agree because it's not political. We agree because it's a case of right and wrong. Right being me, and wrong being, of course, the governor.

  4. Seems like his eyes aren't the only place he is legally blind...

  5. I am so incredibly disgusted with the state of things at the moment.


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