Monday, April 19, 2010

happy earth week!

You've probably noticed by now (unless you only ever get me in a reader, in which case, really? click through, for the love of Pete) that right below my picture is a button featuring my pals over at Sleepy Wrap.  A while ago they sent me a wrap to review, and I loved it and they loved me, and now they're right there over to the right of things.  See?  

Mah peeps at Sleepy Wrap are partnering with Plant A Billion and planting a tree for every new follower on their Facebook Fan Page and on Twitter.  So all that *YOU* need to do is click four times.... well, eight, because they have a Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account for the superfabulous Boba Carrier, too.  

Eight clicks, four trees planted.  

It's way easier than going to the plant store, purchasing four trees, digging four massive holes, popping a tree in each one, watering, putting the dirt back in the hole, making the grass in your yard all pretty again, and opening a beer.  Not that I would know.  

So just click eight times, and open a beer.

You can do this.  Get busy.

One of the reasons I love NAP, Inc., so stinking much is because taking care of the earth is one of their top priorities.  They have an entire section of their website that talks about all of their green behaviours.  Really.  Because it's THAT important, that's why.

Here are a few of the more recent steps NAP has taken:
  • The introduction of our new Organic Boba Carrier made locally in Boulder, Colorado with both GOTS and OE100 certified organic cotton
  • The introduction of our Organic Sleepy Wrap made with Organic Exchange 100 certified organic cotton
  • NAP, Inc. Management team's commitment to using bicycles for at least 50% of their local transportation needs. We are lucky to live in Boulder which boasts nearly 100 miles of linked bike paths within city limits.
  • All packaging supplies are now being recycled or donated for re-use
  • NAP, Inc. invested into a new green server in April '09 with Rackspace. It offers carbon neutral hosting and energy conservation. Data center emissions and power consumption can have a significant environmental impact so we opted for a carbon neutral low-voltage server and a processor with an energy efficient drive and memory. Although our website hosting costs increased almost 3-fold it is worth it for us to know that we are running a carbon-neutral website.

Also?  There's something really, really awesome happening on Thursday, and yes, of course I know what it is, and no, I won't tell you because if I do I'd have to kill you, so you're welcome.  

And finally, the infamous disclosure.  I read a teaser on the effbook about this event.  I contacted Ashley at Sleepy Wrap because I think this is supercool and she emailed me the deets and I did it because it's my blog and I can pretty much blog about whatever I want, except for the times when I can't, and this is not one of those situations.  They did not even send me a Boba Carrier even though that would totally seal the deal and in approximately 10 months from now they could possibly be receiving my fifth born child even though that would be sort of a waste of a perfectly wearable baby.  I just wanted to throw that out there.  In jest.  Mostly.  Ha?  

FURTHER DISCLOSURE, because I know you'll be emailing me:  No, I am not. 


  1. turns out i wasn't a fan of boba on the effbook. but now i am! score one for me!

  2. done done done done.
    that boba carrier looks awesome.
    and you two? look like loads of fun. can't wait.

  3. Aaaaaaaand DONE...times four even! I'm done wearing my babies, but I'm up for planting some trees!

    Love the pictures, his eyes are BEAUTIFUL!

  4. That boy looks so like a toddler already! And I think he looks like the Mister a little more as he gets older. Too cute. Now he needs a baby-kilt!

  5. he has a baby kilt. and it is all kinds of rocking.

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