Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sure, the help is real short, but they do good work


  1. Make sure they have a confined spaces work permit!

    And is that a set of Corelle bowls I see in that last pic? I have some bowls that look just like them! Small world :)

  2. send 'em over when you get a chance ... my shorties just complain and complain ...
    wait ... i just realized it's only the boys in those pictures ... does that mean i'm about to finally have one that will help without complaint??

  3. On first glance at the top photo I thought, "How'd she get a picture of my boy in the dryer?" Then I realized that that wasn't my dryer. Phew! I have had that type of dishwasher "help" in the past. It's one step above the dogs licking the plates as I load them. Thank goodness for "sanitizing" mode!


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