Friday, April 30, 2010

if the effbook says it is so, it must be so

Wee Man had a field trip this week for his preschool class, and it was one of those entirely vanilla sorts of events that wasn't very interesting to him.  Or me.  And I only mention that because it's my blog, and naturally field trips are about me.

Side note:  I am quite judicious in my posting about field trips, and pictures of field trips, because I don't actually know how many stalkers I have out there who actually know where I live and also because I have been known to photograph parents in my children's classes like a papparazo stalker, minus the ginormous flash, because really people?  That's totally unnecessary for a field trip.  And if My Friend K From Up The Street says I musn't post pictures, then I musn't.

So I posted this little statement on the effbook:

Oh, goody.  Preschool field trip in the a.m.

Followed by this gem:

field trip synopsis: kid was all 'meh, doll hospital, whatevs, can we go home?'

And I got called out for not having anything nice to say but saying it anyway.  I get the whole not saying mean things-thing, but I really didn't think that was a horrible thing to say.  Because hi, have you met me?  I'm not actually a fan of other people's kids.  Also?  Not a fan of hanging out with other people's kids IN LARGE GROUPS.  Also?  A bit of a hermit, I am.  I don't really ever want to go anywhere.  Unless there's really good coffee, but I'm sure that's a given.  And also (I swear this is the last one...)???  Wee Man wasn't really impressed with the whole situation other than 1) we got to see his Daddy at work, and 2) the nicey old lady sewed up his Buzz Wite-near's busted up elbow.  

Moving. On.

I'm directing a little play called The Comedy of Errors.  Maybe you've heard of it?  Well, I made one of the actors REALLY STINKING UPSET today, and I pretty much feel like crap about it.   This has absolutely nothing to do with effbook, but it's bugging me and I'm unloading here.  Because it's my blog, that's why.

Also?  The actor is a kid, as are all of the actors, and I know I just said I don't like hanging out in large groups of other people's kids and yes, I totally volunteered to do this, and yes, I'm aware this might be karma making me feel bad about not liking other people's kids.  But maybe not.

Moving on.

Finally, with the effbook thing, I learned tonight that my brother and his fiance, soon to be wife, are moving.  I learned this from effbook, because I was scrolling through the day's events, and happened to see a post mentioning this.  Also?  There are new employment situations, and also et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.  Awesome.  Thanks for sharing.

Think I'm going to just hop off effbook and hermit myself forever.


  1. 1. I have been considering hopping off the effbook too - because it is ridiculous that I'm currently hiding half my "friends."
    2. I HATE FIELD TRIPS. We went to a children's museum when my kid was in 1st grade and the teacher gave me all the crazy kids and the other moms acted like they were guests at the event. Plus - we couldn't see anything or touch anything or hear anything because duh - we were there with an entire class of 1st graders. My kid wanted to go home but we couldn't go home because we were technically in school and they like to scare us into thinking that when the kids are in school they are not really ours and we can't do regular old things like take them home when they want to leave some stupid, loud, disgusting place.
    3. I don't really like other peoples kids either.
    4. I directed a Readers Theater troupe and made a kid cry, once. I also got chewed out by a mom because when I pointed out that we were an "inclusive" homeschool group and that not every kid there might believe that Jesus is the One True God like the kid kept proclaiming, I was told by *another mother - not even the kid's* that these kids could witness for Jesus and nobody could stop them. Okie dokie.
    5. Now I'm coaching an OM team and I like them all because I have noticed that teenagers don't bug me so much - so there is hope for you if your kids decide, along with their friends, not to stay short forever.
    6. You're awesome! I'm giving you the little effbook thumbs-up liking thing.

  2. Exactly which effbook are you referring to? Heh.

  3. if i provide coffee ... can we at least leave our hotel room just a little bit?
    and finn is totally loveable. i promise.
    and he can't talk back. yet.
    and you are also directing a play. wow. woman.

  4. Field trips. Yeah. We don't do 'em. There's no amount of coffee in the world that makes OPC (other people's children) tolerable on a field trip.

    The main problem?

    Well, you can't follow through on the threat to leave them behind.


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