Thursday, April 22, 2010

more happiness today...

Just not really for me.  I was rudely awakened 45 minutes earlier than normal (and normal is difficult for me, people), and found myself out of bed, downstairs, coffee in hand, sitting on the floor playing flipping CANDYLAND before 7 am.  I love my children, but this is really pushing it.  And the only reason I did this is because I am a saint, and the poster-mama for being awesome because Wee Man asked so.ridiculously.sweetly. I had to do it.

I tried to make Alton Brown's Chocolate Syrup recipe today because I tasted it this weekend and it is FREAKING AMAZING.  And the recipe?  Wicked easy, unless you have a three year-old who throws a temper tantrum just as the sugar syrup comes to a boil and you are so distracted that you walk away from the stove and then you pretty much light the world on fire with burning sugar syrup.  

(I've been warned to add the corn syrup in the recipe to the sugar and water before boiling it or else the whole thing crystallizes and goes to crap.)

Also?  The allergies.  

And of course I have a blistering case of allergies on Earth Day.  Makes me kind of want to cancel Earth Day all together, and you might think that as The Boss of Things I wield that sort of power.  And that's okay if you want to think that. I won't discourage you.

But I can't cancel Earth Day, mostly because my Sleepy Wrap peeps and their Boba Carrier buddies are doing some serious giving away.  The Sleepy Wrap peeps are giving away two Sleepy Wraps and five Organic Sleepy Bears.  Team Boba is giving away a brand spanking new Organic Boba 2G Baby Carrier.  

To enter, click the link and share one thing you've done to become more earth-friendly.  For and extra entry, you can also follow SleepyWrap and Boba Carrier on Twitter, and fan each product on Facebook, which is super-awesome because not only are you entered to win, but for each new fan and follower, NAP, Inc. (the parent company) is planting a tree.  Pretty sweet.

I have to go now, people.  I need some happiness in my life, and I'm heading over to win me a Boba.


  1. i laughed and smiled through this! CandyLand before 7am? TOTALLY at saint.

  2. ps-but, came here to tell you that i was thinking of/praying for you! =)

  3. any game that requires a board and plastic men is illegal before 10 am. Punishable by a spa day.

  4. Why is Alton Brown on tv? Does he own that network? Watching his shows is like fingernails on a chalkboard or watching paint dry....


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