Monday, April 26, 2010

this is how we rock the monday.

There's a serious Kumbaya moment happening on Sesame Street.  All of the Earthlings are singing together, braiding each other's hair, passing the bong, getting all lovey and smelling the daisies.  It's a little much, if you ask me.  And now?  Some whacked out French salt and pepper shakers bumping into each other while a weiner dog (made out of a hot dog, naturally) runs around them licking things.

It's sort of a slow day.  Except for the laundry machines.  They're busting hump.

So maybe I'll do the Blogging My Day thing.  Next up?  The grocery store.  And yes, I'll spare you the details.  Maybe.


22 minutes.  We were so very awesome at the grocery store.  Also? Aldi sells a decent hummus and very yummy, better-than-Triscuit crackers.

Now?  Quiet reading time for HB and me, naptime for Elliott and piano for Miss O and Wee Man.

Brownies for babies.  And this is why:


  1. Good to know, I've too scared to try aldi's hummus.

  2. I'm a bit addicted to Aldi's hummus. The red pepper one is a personal fav.

  3. I miss Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, we don't see them around here anymore.


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