Thursday, January 13, 2011

awesomely titled post

I want to talk!  And tell you about the THINGS! and the STUFF!!! And it's not like I have a shortage of material, because I don't, but I don't want to turn this into a blog about all the weird things my boys say about their, well, Best Friends.  

And that's Best Friends in air quotes, if you didn't get that the first time.

So.  I beg you.  I beseech you.  I plead with the dedication of a soon-to-be eight year-old who does not want to do her schoolwork before three in the afternoon.

Ask me something.

Did I start a story here that I did not finish?  Have I mentioned something in passing that made you do the tilty-head-squinty-eye thing?  Or is there something you just want me to tell you about?  

Because I will tell you.

Except if it's one of those things I don't talk about here, in which case I will just tell you that, and possibly email you (supposing your email address is enabled in your commenting profile) later and tell you what you want to know, or part of what you want to know.

And yes.  This is me asking you to help me write.  Because I need to write something, anything, but my fingers caught the tongue-tied and it's powerful bad.


  1. I can't really help, wish I could. I will tell you that about 90% of what I write is mental vomit and gets summarily deleted. I see writing as therapy and most of it isn't fit for public consumption.

    I love the hell out of your blog though, Jon's too. There's a sense of family there that makes me feel good about the world.

  2. Alright. Maybe you already did this before I caught wind of you and your Blog but I want to know more about your pictures/camera/how you edit them, blah blah blah... Yes, I want all the details. I need to step it up. I like my pictures but I'm overwhelmed when it comes to Photoshop or anything like that.
    Oh! And call the Post, "Photo basis. Because Mark asked". Now get on that!
    Your Friend, m.

  3. So, Mason is not interested in baby food anymore (He is only ten months) He has started eating big people food (eggs, cheerios, muffins, smashed carrots, etc) I found that since he likes muffins, I wanted to experiment with sticking ALL THESE JARS OF BABYFOOD in the muffin for hidden veggies. I have used coconut flour and almond flour so as not to carb him up too much, but don't mind a little regular flour (just honestly did not have any don't feel like walking to store-too cold)My question is, do you have any awesome kid recipes made with pureed veggies aka babyfood or suggestions? Love your blog-super fun reading!

  4. hmmmmm! I have the same problem. Again, I enjoy reading peoples mental vomit! It makes me feel a bit more "normal"!

  5. Some days I knew that I couldn't take one more trip to the excrement well for writing material, but that if I didn't I would have nothing to say, because for a long while my life centered around those kinds of things. My readers were very patient. So, tell away. We couold start a blog sight for the different ways a boy refers to his best friend, and never be short of material.

  6. Pictures! (congrats on the prize)
    How about telling about some history of you, the fam, babies, etc?

  7. speaking of tongue tied...why if babies are meant to breastfeed are so many tongue tied, just wondering? It's been a while since I read your blog, nice to hear from you.

  8. There is something cathartic about looking at a blank screen and filling it with words. Like, Chris, many of those words are never published.
    I do that often with my newsletter. I'll put things in there that give me an opportunity to vent, preach, yell, admonish, threaten, and criticize. In the end, the newsletter goes out without the venom, but it sure feels good to know that it was once there.

  9. I'm wondering about the whole forgetting to eat thing. I've been thinking about you lately b/c I find myself forgetting to eat. Does it mess with your blood sugar? Is it the multiple children distracting you? I never forgot to eat until this second kid came along. I'm considering setting a friggin alarm to remind myself. Otherwise I'm suddenly starving and eating half a bag of chips. This is probably not a topic of high interest to most people, but I have been thinking about it often lately, and here you are asking what we want to know. So here's what I want to know: what's up with forgetting to eat?


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