Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photo Basis. Because Mark Asked.

It may have happened that you missed my previous, most highly interesting post, and the lovely comments that followed it.  

Too bad for you.

Not really, though, because Imma Gonna Sum-Up:  Wah, wah, wah, I've got nothing, give me something.  So Mark says:
Alright. Maybe you already did this before I caught wind of you and your Blog but I want to know more about your pictures/camera/how you edit them, blah blah blah... Yes, I want all the details. I need to step it up. I like my pictures but I'm overwhelmed when it comes to Photoshop or anything like that.Oh! And call the Post, "Photo basis. Because Mark asked". Now get on that! 
Your Friend, m.

Dear Friend M, I shoot with a Sony Alpha 300.  I started with a Sony Alpha 200, but I shoved my camera in my bag with an apparently leaky water bottle, and had the good forethought to purchase the extended warranty, and now I have a 300.  I purchased it because a) I shoot for fun; b) the price was more right than, say, a Nikon or a Canon; and c) the reviews indicated that the Sony shot just as well for amateurish photos as the aforementioned brands.

And I am very happy with the camera.

I really do not know anything about shooting manually, and most of the time, I am shooting my children and Lord knows you just don't always have time to load your musket when shooting children, and that the automatic rifle is WAY MORE EFFICIENT.

Oh wait.  I'm not talking about guns.  I'm talking about a camera.

I really do not know anything about shooting manually, and most of the time I am shooting my children and Lord knows you just don't always have time to mess with ISO and aperture and light meters and finding the right blahblahblah.

That said, I do play around with aperture size, white balance, and a few other options.

As far as editing goes, I pretty much don't.  Sometimes before I post a picture here, I will tag it with a little the dayton time, but most of the time I don't.  Sometimes I upload a picture to Picnik and zap a red eye or two, or do some cropping, but most of the time I don't.

I know.  Superty exciting.

I shoot, I save or delete (but mostly delete), and I show you.  Or I don't.

And that is how I do the pictures. 

See?  Not at all tagged with the dayton time.
And not edited.


  1. I think the part you left out, is that you have a wonderful eye for composition. Mostly I am guilty of cropping. I don't have steady hands, so zoomed way in I sometimes can't get a good shot. Zoom out, shoot, crop, voila!

  2. Lovely hydrangeas!

    You gots the good eye, Miss.

  3. Yes! My question made it!
    I agree, you got "the eye" for taking pictures.
    I edit through Picassa. We have photoshop but as soon as I opened it up, I thought, "nope, I'm too dumb for that." Even Picnik confuses me a little bit. I have no idea what aperture size or white balance is. I guess I have me some learning to do. I have a Sony A230 so not so much lower than what you have.
    And thanks for clarifying that you don't use a gun to shoot your children. I was worried there for a second.
    Pamela, thank you so much answering my question. I owe you one.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. Now I'm longing for spring.

  5. Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate it. The flowers were the bouquet carried by my Now-Married-Friend-K-Formerly-From-Cleveland's stepdaughter. They were lovely.

  6. Wait. If I ask you to write a post, and give you the title, you'll do it?


  7. look what you started...............
    with just one post, now you have several ideas!
    my best photos come from my little pocket panasonic and it is always on automatic because i don't want to think, just shoot!!
    and since i have 3 cats its way easier to play in photoshop and make my pictures pretty!
    p.s. love the way you tell a story!!


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