Tuesday, January 11, 2011

some items for your consideration, number five

  1. In the past week and a half, I have knit more than half a sweater instead of fighting with a certain daughter about homeschooling.  
  2. I hate our kitchen chairs.  I have come to this conclusion after spending truly excessive amounts of time sitting in one whilst homeschooling a certain daughter.
  3. I do not aspire to spend truly excessive amounts of time sitting at my kitchen table, homeschooling or otherwise.  But the gauntlet has been thrown down, and far be it from me to stand at the kitchen table when the gauntlet has been thrown.
  4. Elliott walked up to me as I was about to put my pajamas on, slapped me on the backside and announced "BUTT".  Hooray for new vocabulary words.  
  5. I have taken more migraine meds this week than I have since I got the prescription.  I'm thinking the Time Of The Month in combination with Totally Stressful Schooling of A Certain Child might have something to do with this.
  6. I won a little photo contest. Neato.
  7. Wee Man's Announcement of the Week:  Sis is older than me, but she's *way*skinnier than me, so I can clobber her easily if I want to.  So I've noticed.


  1. Did the library work out better? I enjoyed your blog as always!

  2. It did. I think we'll do it again soon.

  3. i'll take your one and offer my three for homeschool purposes. to sweeten the deal i'll throw in my chair!

  4. maybe you should work on knitting a lumbar pillow ...
    or move that comfy chair in the corner of the living room into the kitchen.

  5. Whenever I think about homeschooling my eldest, my next thought is always, "Well... maybe I could trade with someone else." Homeschooling someone else's child sounds so much more appealing somehow. Sorry to hear about the migraines. Do yours get worse with weather changes? Barometer changes always mess with me.

  6. I always get migraines on the 11th too. It must be my Time of the Month. Who knew?
    I wonder if homeschooling a certain daughter adds to the pain?
    Your Friend, m.


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