Monday, January 31, 2011

some items for your consideration, the sixth edition

  1. I am the mother of an 8 year-old. Yes, I did see this one coming, but wow, man. This means I'm very nearly halfway through with Intensive Parenting, and sometimes I don't know if I'm scoring or flunking.
  2. The cramps.  I have not had cramps in, well, approximately nine years.  But today I have cramps, and holy WAAAAAAAHHHHHH, people.  It's like a contraction.  THAT NEVER ENDS.  But not as bad as a contraction, except for the part where IT NEVER ENDS.  
  3. And in an epic case of bad timing, I have decided to cut the gluten from my diet this week.  This will eventually work out, but right now the emotional eater in me wants to have at some doritos.
  4. I got new glasses.  And new contacts, which the doctor almost wouldn't prescribe for me because I'm a Contact Abuser.  You know you're a real piece of work, contact-wise, when the doctor at the flipping WA.LM.ART gives you a hard time about being a piece of work.
  5. I look exceptionally toothy here, and my hair is kind of a disaster.
    Aren't I  just like a woman to say that?
  6. Miss O got her first pair of glasses.  Pictures soon, I promise.  The computer has become unnaturally fond of my camera card and will not eject it.  Tee hee.  Good one, computer.  This is why I hate you.
  7. HB and I got to spend some quality time at the doctor's office and in the X-Ray and Lab Work Center at our local hospital.  No, he does not have pneumonia, and yes, he did rather enjoy his chest x-ray, thank you very much.
  8. We took a multi-family trip to the Strong National Museum of Play last week, where I got into a conversation with one of the employees about Bacon Jam and Peanutella.  Because I cannot help myself, that's why.  Also, I received a dirty look whilst breastfeeding my large baby who is almost two in my Boba Carrier, despite the fact that not a peep of skin was exposed.  Oddly enough, the hairy eyeball came from the companion of a woman who literally exposed six inches of her ass crack every time she sat down and bent over.  And no, no tramp stamp.  Also no evidence of undergarments.  You're welcome.
  9. Elliott learned how to say cocoa.  We're all very proud.
  10. demonstrating his own personal sign language for "drink".
    and grinning madly, because, hello! hot cocoa!
  11. Wee Man has taught himself to read.  I cannot remember if I've shared this little tidbit with you yet, so whoopsie if I have.  One day, we were sitting at the kitchen table.  I was knitting madly, as I am wont to do whilst homeschooling and not beating my children, and the people were doing math.  (Saxon grade 1 for Wee Man, Saxon grade 3 for Miss O, in case you were wondering.)  And out of nowhere, I hear, Color the squares blue. Color the triangles yellow.  Draw an X on the circle.  Well.  How about that.
  12. There are some things brewing at the homestead that are not quite Suitable For The Interwebs, well, not just yet anyway.  No, there are no babies brewing.  I figure I had better address that specifically, because I know how you people are.  Regardless, we'd appreciate any prayers and kind thoughts you would care to toss our way.  And yes, I will tell you if you email me, and then it will all make sense.


  1. PS - Doritos? They're gluten free. Have at 'em Mama.

  2. How about that?? Love it. Also love how breastfeeding is a "thing" with you. I mean it. As it should be.

    And I love your glasses. I am such a contacts abuser. SUCH. They're screwing with my eyes as I type, probably because I put them in with dirty fingers and rubbed my eyes all day and probably because I've been wearing them weeks too long. Oy.

  3. What great kids and a what a great mama!

  4. i'm not sure that i've taken my contacts OFF in ... oh say ... about 3 weeks.
    and i'm supposed to throw them out every two weeks. tops.
    and i think i had them about 2 months before that last removal.
    hah! a one year prescription?? i can make that last two years, missy!
    (oh wait. i probably shouldn't be "bragging" about that huh?)
    and emailed you.

  5. oh thank God about the doritos.
    and melissa, i have a post about your hot sauce in the works.
    and nicokelly~ you're swell.

  6. Love the new specs, and you are gorgeous! It's obvious where the bebeh got those beautiful curls!

  7. i went gluten free for about 8 hours and broke down and ate a large mcd's french fries. and yesterday when the doc said we might consider a gluten free diet for the nacho i might have cried a bit. gah!

    love the new specs. and the curls. and you look lovely.

  8. I LOVE that picture of you!! Adorable/priceless and very cutesy, if you ask me. Now I shall e-mail you.

  9. Me too with the cramps!!! What's the freakin deal?!! (And it was yesterday too...) I was led to believe that once you had the little ones and started getting older, those would diminish. Not so. They have been something fierce since having child number three.

  10. From one contact abuser to another, you look gorgeous in your new glasses!

    And ass cracks, I know all about ass cracks.

    My prayers for you and your family. XO

  11. Wow. Someone really super cool with hyper cute pink wrist warmers must've taken that picture of you. Bring on the doritos. I feel some bean dip coming on for Sunday.

    And you might have an 8 year old, but I have a 13 year old. Top that.

  12. I got lost at doritos...mmm, doritos...

    (BTW, the pic is priceless).

  13. Shut up; you're gorgeous. Teeth, hair, gorgeous.

    Prayers to you and yours, mama.

  14. Love the glasses. I am in the market for new glasses myself.

  15. I think the wild hair do is a good look on you, esp. with those cute glasses!

    I hope everything works out well with the brewing- maybe some good beer will be the outcome?


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