Friday, January 21, 2011

i'm just going to call this as i see it. i know, you're all shocked and stuff.

A little bit ago, I posted a whine-ity-whine-whine post and you all gave me ideas to write about.  Which was an immense help, as you can see from the way I'm totally cluttering up your reader this week.  So thanks, and you're welcome.

Jennifer asked me if I have any good recipes to help her use up all the jars of unwanted baby food.  And as luck would have it, I DO!!!  

Here's Pamela's Most Outstanding Recipe For Getting Rid of Baby Food:
  1. Gather up all the jars of baby food. 
  2. Check the expiration dates to be sure none of it has gone gross.
  3. Take it to the nearest food pantry for needy folks, and drop it off.
Because OH MY STINKING HECK.  Blogga, please.  Do not foul up your baking by putting that nasty paste in it.  There is no way on God's Green that adding the Gerber Strained Beans to anything is going to help or encourage your people to eat it.  And if your people are anything like my people?  They will feel like you have betrayed them by putting the vegetables into the chocolate.

But seriously, when you take into consideration the amount of effort that goes into opening the jar, scraping out the contents, rinsing the jar, walking to the recycle bin... is it a good use of time?  Maybe not.  And the nutritive value of those overcooked former vegetables being cooked yet again?  How many times can a vegetable be cooked and processed and still retain any value?  My guess is once, but I am no expert.

And since I'm calling things what they are, I was contacted to review a book by a happy-happy-love-myself author.  I said I'd read the book, which I found to be not at all in alignment with the beliefs and values of my household, and so I did not implement a single solitary idea into the fabric of our lives.  I've been putting the PR people off for a while, but really?  The book was not helpful to me.  The tone was annoying.  It was not at all well-written.  Thumbs down.

Also thumbs down?  I received a nursing cover to review.  I don't actually use a nursing cover, because I wear the nursing tanks to cover my baby house, and I wear a shirt over my nursing tank to cover up the Workers.  But.  I know mamas who would love a nursing cover, so I got the thing to pass along.  The manufacturer claims that it's wonderful, high quality fabric, and the design is SO! USEFUL!  The fabric is light and transparent.  Seriously transparent, to cover up the bo.obies, how useful!  I can't even begin to discuss the design flaws, because the thing is a complete disaster.  And they want to get $40 for these things.  Sorry, people, but I can't promote that crap here.

Coming soon: How to Ruin the Life of Your 22 Month Old, and The Precise Science of Forgetting To Eat.


  1. AMEN sister! I agree! Baby food is just gross and really...I do barf a little when I smell the stuff! Especially the green beans. Hence, my kiddos did not eat it! Also! Good for you for being honest. I too got a book to review which had a super "green" title but really wasn't all that "green"! I could think of million more ways to help them out. So why waste our time reviewing such crap. Agree, agree, agree! Have a wonderful day my friend!

  2. Transparent?! Thumbs down! Food Pantry! You rocked this post!

  3. I love getting PR emails. Because I simultaneously think, wtf, and why are you contacting me? In what way could I possibly make your life better? Heh.

    Good advice on passing unopened jars around, because while baked goods do not need baby food, other people do.

  4. This is a great post :) I actually ended up giving 3 grocery bags full to the ladies of my mom's group, and now my Mr. Mason pretty much eats what we eat, mashed or cut. He is happy and messy (learning to self feed! such fun), I am happy...lots of cute memories. Thanks for taking the time...I love your writing. You are very inspiring.


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