Monday, July 14, 2008

how to seduce your wife

I've been really tired lately. Like, can't sign my name correctly on checks. Will fall over if the slightest breeze kicks up. Completely unable to prepare meals. Misplacing the short people.

The Mister has noticed. And that guy is concerned. In fact, as I was coming down the stairs today, he met me at the bottom landing and wrapped his arms around me.

Big. Comfy. Hug.

And just as I was dozing off, he whispered in my ear, Are you okay?

I nodded.

Just tired? he asked lovingly.

Yeah. Exhausted. On a cellular level. Seriously, even my mitrochondria are tired.

He kissed me softly, and said, Maybe you should let me screw you royal so you sleep real good.


  1. In my defense, she promised me some lovin' last Sunday and it took eight days to get around to it.

    -The (Now Satisfied) Mister

  2. Some how I feel that this was posted to elicit a response from Uncle Benna, well no such luck pervos.

  3. CRRRRAAAP, my non-response was still a response in itself....

  4. I bet the royal jelly did the trick.

  5. My only question is "Did you sleep real good?" (I'm sure he did!) :)

  6. @ The Mister: There is no need to defend yourself for petessakecryingoutloud.

    @ bent/Uncle Benna: This post wasn't designed with you in mind, but life does have its own little perks, doesn't it?

    @ anonymous: I missed the part about the jelly...but for what it's worth, I didn't miss the jelly.

    @starwoodgal: Heck yeah, I slept good! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. This exchange sounds all too familiar:)

  8. What a classic post! Awesome! :)


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