Tuesday, July 1, 2008

oh my.

A great big Dayton Time WTF goes out to the person who thought this up.

Seriously. The Maple Syrup Cleanse? Are you for real? Forget maple syrup and do as the Daytons do. Because really, who has the time to sit on the can for weeks on end? Heh, heh...on end. The Maker's Mark Upper and Middle Gastrointestinal Cleanse. It's fairly easy, even from the start. And this is how it works: Drink Maker's Mark until you are cleansed. It doesn't take weeks, just one night of being dedicated to imbibing as much Maker's Mark as you possibly can. It's so easy that there's even a sign, practically neon actually, that will tell you when you are finished. You will barf. That's the sign. The MMUaMGIC can take as little as an hour, and up to, well, it kinda depends on what you had for dinner, and if Chinese food is what's for dinner, it might take you a little longer to complete the MMUaMGIC due to the, er, MSG. Right, the MSG.

Just think about it, if you find yourself interested in wasting some time.

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