Monday, July 28, 2008

oh dear, i'm about to lose my mind

This came today:

Except it doesn't look like this, and thankfully, the Boy In Orange is not attached to it.

It looks like the Boy In Orange took a screwdriver and dismantled the whole blasted thing.

The Dayton Time needs a hero.


Look out, pile of parts. I am going to undismantle you. Or throw you across the yard whilst cursing your very existence. Either way, I'm getting a beer now. Just so's I'm ready for what's about to happen.


  1. it doesn't look like that? does it look like something from Alien?

  2. So . . . inquisitive minds want to know . . which happened first - a little buzz or a functioning backhoe? ; )

  3. It's just like a real, live backhoe. There's all manner of figuring and cursing and drinking when it doesn't work!

  4. May the force be with you. We try and steer clear of toys that need assembly around these parts - it safeguards us from the riot that usually breaks out whilst we attempt to assemble.


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