Tuesday, July 22, 2008

what i've been up to lately

It has been a long weekend. And now it's Tuesday. Blech. How is it that it's Tuesday? Here's the short version.

Friday: The Mister's birthday, trip to the pub. And gardening, but that was in the morning.

Saturday: Stupid eye appointment, recovering from trip to the pub. And also, some gardening.

Sunday: Trip to visit Uncle Benna and Sarah. Weeded their garden.

Monday: Returned from Uncle Benna's...well, technically it was Monday... Recovered from trip to Uncle Benna's. Weeded my garden. I thinned the carrots, and got two big bunches like this:

And I dug up some lovely potatoes, picked five quart baskets of beans, and accidentally pulled three onions. They are in bed with the carrots, it sounds dirty, I know, and if you look at the carrots and potatoes, you'll see how very dirty they really are. I also picked a market basket of pickling cucumbers and some happy sugar snap peas. They weren't happy for long, though, because I ate them. Then I was happy.

Tuesday: Errands. Blech. Except for the Putting Money In The Bank Errand, and the Farmers' Market Errand, and the Watching The Short People Run Their Legs Off At The Playground Errand. I should have photographed the two oldest short people at the Farmers' Market. They were wearing riding helmets, Miss O was trotting around on her Unicorn Head On A Stick, and the Wee Man was taking out old ladies left and right with Penny, the Horse Head On A Stick. Despite the carnage, everyone thought they were adorable. And deadly. But mostly adorable.

Oh, and the Joke of the Day: Why did the skunk cross the road? Because that's where his dinner was!!!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!! Mommy, was that a funny joke? I think it was!!! The Parenting Question of the Day followed immediately behind the Joke of the Day: Does it make me a Good Mother to tell her it's funny? Or does it make me a Bad Mother? Because really, people, Jokes By Five Year-Olds pretty much aren't ever funny. Ever. Just believe me if you haven't experienced it yourself. Moving on.

The Locavores struck again at dinner tonight. We feasted on pork chops from the pig we (paid to have) raised (for us), potatoes from ourveryown backyard, heirloom green beans from the same ourveryown backyard, and corn grown by a farmer with whom I am on a first name basis. Hey, Paul! Thanks for the info hookup! He even advised me about some of my pathetic tomato plants. Because he's cool like that. We also enjoyed peach cobbler made from, of course, fresh, local peaches. So good.

I didn't get a picture, but during Happy Hour I made three batches of blueberry jam, and a double batch of bread and butter pickles. I like vinegar, but man, the stuff has a special odor.

There is vinegar in pickles. Just in case you were wondering where the Vinegar Train was going.

And finally, it was time to trim the hair of the Dayton Males. Allow me to introduce you to the Dayton Hawk Club. Mohawk, that is.

What's cuter than one boy in a mohawk? Why TWO boys in mohawks, of course!

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  1. The fresh veggies look great - we did a garden this year and got a pretty good turnout of squash, onions, tomatoes and zuchinni.. LOVE the mohawks, I did both my boys last fall and the oldest one's father buzzed it off the second day. I was so pissed off.


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