Thursday, July 31, 2008

lesson of the week: new york is not all city

Take a deep breath, people, because this might be a tough one. Very nearly every person I meet who a) is not a New York State resident, or b) has ever been to New York City but nowheres else in the state, says,
You're from New York? You don't seem like a city girl.

You're from New York? And you have a yard?


What do you mean you're 10 miles from a grocery store? You're from New York! There's one on every corner!

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. And eyes.
Exhibit A: Niagara Falls.
This is in New York State, but not the City, and is pretty much the farthest point in the state away from the City.

Exhibit B: Adirondack Park.

You're pretty much not allowed to have a city here. Or you'll go to jail. The Indians should have thought that one over years ago. Just think how nice Long Island could be. Alas.

Exhibit C: Letchworth State Park.

Made the list of Top 100 Places to Camp in the Whole of America. Also known as The Grand Canyon of The East. Super sweet. And you can actually take a ride in a hot air balloon over the Gorge. If you're into That Sort Of Thing. And also, not in The City.

Exhibit D: The New York State Thruway.

If you need to go to the city, you can hop on this road. And drive east until you die. Because that's how long it takes to get to New York City from Where I Live. Especially if you are driving with any number of children that is greater than one (1) infant.

The Dayton Time. I make you suffer through the steep, upward slope that is my Photoshop learning curve. That should say, It is the World's Longest Toll Road. New York State: We make you pay. And the letters? That is what every option in my last eye exam looked like.

Exhibit E: The Farmland is the Best On The Planet.
This is a documented truth, but you can go verify it for yourveryownself if you are That Sort Of Person. Or you could just trust me on this one. I am batting my eyes very believeableish right now, people.

Exhibit F: The Finger Lakes Region.

It's lovely. There is a winery on every corner.

And that is why Upstate New York is better than The City.

The End.


  1. Ha!

    I live in Colorado, so of course I ski (I don't). And it snows all the time (it doesn't). And we all live in the mountains (we don't). Monday night football does not do a very good job reflecting that Mile High Stadium is not butted up to the mountains and that downtown Denver is a decent drive from increased elelvation.

    I didn't know people *lived* in upstate NY, I thought that's where all the city people had their weekend homes. :)

  2. Very informative. I was aware there was a country New York..but it was always this mystical, foggy thing that I couldn't really wrap my brain around.

  3. My parents grew up in the Catskills and now they have retired there. When my girls and I come up to visit them - we all agree! There is no where on earth as pretty as Upstate N.Y.

  4. Ahem sister!! I get the same reaction every time I tell people I'm from New York. I once told a cowboy I was from N.Y., to which he replied, "New York City!" with that old salsa commercial accent. And one person actually said, "N.Y. is so ugly!" I was greatly offended and beat him up (no, not really, but I wanted to!).

  5. Thanks for schoolin' us!! How was the day out? No tickets??

  6. bravo, too true!
    also, i hate that everywhere besides the city is "upstate". i'm sorry, but we live in WESTERN new york, and there is a very scary place called the SOUTHERNTIER, and there also exists the CAPITAL REGION, in which i reside for my educational enrichment. messina is UPSTATE.
    the end.


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