Friday, January 9, 2009

a very boring post about the longest week ever, part MCMXLVII

For one and a half hours today my ears weren't ringing. But now they are. It was supremely quiet without the ringing.

I sat down to check my email, and heard an alarming scritch-scritch in the floor vent next to the computer. Then my ears started ringing, and I have resolved to not worry about what is causing the scritch-scritch. Not that the felines would actually do anything about it, should it be not a cat.

Miss O is still home. Yesterday was a snow day, although there was really not that much snow to warrant a whole entire day off, so possibly it was just a general Ah, The Weather's Sort Of Crappy And The Superintendent Is Out Of Coffee At The Office Day Off, Who Wants To Go To School Anyway? One may never know. I'd have kept her home, regardless of the weather, because she has one of THOSE coughs. Hacking, abrasive, exhausting... general badness, if you ask me. And that is why she's home today.


Alrighty then.

I could tell you how much prescription medicine I'm on, and how much over-the-counter drugitos I'm on, but you'd just nod your heads and say, Hmmm. Well, that's what happens when you catch the death. And I'd say, Yep, you're right. And that's not much fun, now, is it?

I would like you to know that I did actually have something to say when I sat down to post, and now it's all gone.

My head is fuzzy. (name that movie)

Oh, wait.... I've started receiving solicitations from clever folks who are interested in guest posting during the Great April Hiatus of Birth. Let me know if you'd like to join Jen as an esteemed guest poster.

I need to sedate the children and take a nap.


  1. Oh honey, that sounds AWFUL. I'm so sorry y'all are all so sick. Especially you. I know that kinda sounds like I have no heart and don't care about the little children of the world..but seriously. Mama's take care of them and when mama's sick, she's sort of on her own..while daddy's working anyway.

    HOpe you get better soon.

  2. "My head is fuzzy" - said by Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail" in the scene where Tom Hanks drops in on her unexpectedly when she's sick after she's sold the shop. I could go into great detail at this point, but will spare everyone. LOVE that movie!

  3. big healthy hugs to you.. and lots of prayer for your poor sickly family!!

  4. This week it would so suck to be you! Sorry bout your crud.

  5. Man, I hate it when I catch the death. Hope you guys feel better soon!

  6. Ohhhhh, pick me! I'll guest post. (Answer while you're still drugged up and before you have time to think about it too long, eh?)

  7. Do you like the cool ranch drugitos or the spicy nacho drugitos? MMMM...I also like mine with a big dish of alcoholsa, tas-TEE!

    Sorry about the plague, hope everyone is feeling better soon!


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