Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm wondering how I can put my camera, the love of my life, in my backpack, to take to the children's museum... And have an entire water bottle leak all over and inside it to make it stop working. (This event resulted in the non-photography of two amazing cakes, and one daughter's birthday. Mer.)

I'm wondering how I can tweeze that one hair from my chin face... And have it grow back instantaneously?

I'm wondering how I can have contractions for eight to twelve hours a day, every day... And not have a baby. Also? How long will this continue? Because it's really, ummm... cramping my style.

I'm wondering if any of you thought that was funny. Hands? Anyone? No?

Moving on.

And finally, I'm wondering how much cake I can actually eat without forcing myself into gestational diabetes.

Anybody else wondering about anything today? Maybe I can help. Or maybe Uncle Josh can. He knows things, and he likes to help. I can forward your questions on to him. I'm sure he'd appreciate that, and I haven't really been a pain in his keister for a while now, well, a month or so at least. And I did send him sweet cherry jam and jalapeno salsa, so maybe he won't mind.

Comment with your wonderings, and we'll get that all cleared up for you.


  1. i'm not wondering anything really.
    but i do know the answer to your ?...
    i had contractions every 20 minutes for about 2 1/2 weeks.

    i feel for you.

  2. I'm wondering how you made that deliciously yummy cake for Joce?? I think I need some...I especially loved the writing!!

    Oh and my hand was raised...I heard ya. Contractions SUCK!! and the diabetes thing...i was wondering the same thing;o)

  3. cramping your style.. HA!

    just remember, the more work your body does now, the less it will have to do later. at this rate, by the time active labor hits, that baby will just fall out. ;)

  4. Seriously I agree with ChurchPunkmom take it while you can get like me; just let them fall out, its so much nicer! and I too was laughing at your lame attempt at a joke!

    I'm wondering how many boxes of store bought hair dye it will take to color my hair. It used to take 1 in college, but I think my hair is thicker now, I know is 10X curlier.......?

  5. so sucky about the camera...and contractions.

    i'm wondering what your due date is, i feel like i was told this before and have since forgotten.

    also, i'm wondering why my two-year-old son refuses to eat anything but candy, cookies and icecream.

  6. dang I wasn't wondering anything til you mentioned cake! :)

  7. I'm wondering why it is 0 degrees here.


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