Wednesday, January 28, 2009

wordless wednesday: fonctionne bien si nu

(Wee Man, 18 months old, February, 2007)


  1. Nice clip art placement....

  2. you know, if you'd quit spanking him so much, his little cheeks wouldn't be so red.. ;)

  3. I think I have seen more of your kids butts than I have of my own... my own kids, that is...
    Butts, that is...
    My own kids butts.
    But also my own butt. 'Cause really I don't like to look at that too much either...

    BUT as Jocelyn so appropriately says, "If your husband wants to get in your pants, don't worry about what size they are." So I really shouldn't worry... about the size of my butt, that is.


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