Saturday, February 2, 2008

date day

Miss O and I took a trip to the Strong Museum of Play today. This is the weekend for The Royal Ball, or, if you are Miss O, the Princess Party. And let me tell you, it is Big Fun. Anybody who's anybody was there, Cinderella and Prince Charming, two cutesy teens in matching green outfits (who were obviously dating in real life, for the record), the QUEEN!!!, and real, live musicians who not only accompanied the dancing portion of the festivities, but also led a bagpipe and drum processional out the front door at the end of the day.

Big, crazy, grateful props to the Strong Museum for coming up with the idea of the Big Parade Out The Door At The End Of The Day. The kids just leave. There weren't any meltdowns, nothing! And there were at least a thousand kids there, no exaggerating. They just put their coats on and walk out the door...every day! You people are geniuses, and you make bringing the kids to your place (or rather, leaving your wonderful heaven) easy. But I digress.

It was a wonderful day. We had a quiet morning at home, and left for our adventures after Jane and the Dragon and Jacob Two-Two. (You can check those out here and here.) We stopped at the bank and at the Habitat build to see Grandpa. We ate Doritos and Skittles in the car on the way to Rochester, and dubbed ourselves the Junk-Food Princesses.

Grandpa, O, and Brown Bear at the Habitat house:

Here the Queen is recognizing Lady O for helping at home with her brothers, and for preserving the Art of Baking Good Cookies.

There was dancing at the Royal Ball, naturally. Miss O couldn't be persuaded to dance in a circle with the other children and the oddly-costumed dancing lady. She wanted to be, and I quote, As free as the wind, as free as the birds.

We toured the butterfly garden, and the host-person let me hold a butterfly! It was so cool, and it just loved me (must have been the shiny ring) so much it wouldn't get off me. O thought about holding it, but it was a little to bug-ish for her, I think.

Me and Miss O.

It is so tedious to be photographed!

Planting a big, fat, wet one on the Princess.

Twirling at its finest.

And that right there is a good day.

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