Thursday, February 7, 2008

what in the world.

All three kids are in NumberOneSon's and MyGirl's room with the door closed. They can't get out, thanks to the world's greatest invention ever, The Childproof Doorknob. If ever I am introduced to the person whose brainy idea that was, I will kiss him (or her, even, that's how much I love that thing) square on the mouth.

I don't actually know what is going on in the room, but I will tell you what I am hearing. MyGirl is shouting at N1S, "Min Elizabeth, put your dress back on. You will listen to me. You must put your clothes on. (the sound of a tackle) DO IT!!! (a little pause) Great walking, Henny!"

I'm not sure where the name 'Min Elizabeth' came from, but that's N1S's alter ego today. And the dress in reference is MyGirl's yellow Belle gown. It's a little big on him, but the color is simply smashing.

Oooh, N1S's name is Tommy, and MyGirl's is Clara. And they share the dress. It's MyGirl's/Clara's turn now, and N1S is nakey. MyGirl just explained the game to her "New Father". They are poor children who have no home and they want to live at our house, if we could spare the room. You know, so they don't have to go to the orphanage.

N1S is protesting, "No, I want to be the Nutcracker. No I your sister."

Speaking of kissing people on the mouth, The Mister did some work for a friend who shared his fiestadas. I FREAKING LOVE FIESTADAS. In high school, I would ALWAYS order extras on fiestada day. Brett, you are the Hero Of The Day.

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