Monday, February 25, 2008

guilty conscience

I cheated on my hairdresser yesterday. I have been waiting and waiting to get my hair done. But that is no excuse. My stylist (now that everyone understands what I'm talking about) is lovely, and I love her, love her, love her. Her name is Cindy, and she just had her second baby a couple of months ago, and had taken some time off before the baby came, so it has been more than six months since I've had a haircut. But that is no excuse. I even got the number for a gal I went to high school with who is an amazing stylist, so that I could get a haircut while Cindy was on maternity leave. But I couldn't even call her. Cindy just started working again, and instead of working at home, she's at a salon that is farther away from my house. I'm not really good about going to new places. Call me crazy, or euphemize it another way if you prefer. But neither of those are a good excuse for cheating on one's stylist.

And to make matters worse, the girl that cut my hair WORKS WITH LOVELY CINDY AT THE NEW PLACE! But I didn't actually go TO the place, because that would be really awful. And apparently, I am only a semi-awful person. Also bad, I don't know if I like my haircut or not. I haven't taken a good look at it. How can I, after The Horrific Purple Hair-Dye Incident?

It was just that I was at this fun little pampering get-together, and everyone was getting their hair cut and colored (I totally did NOT get my hair dyed AGAIN!!!!), and my hair was just so tired of looking nasty and being in a blob on the top of my head, and it was just a wicked temptation. But it is feeling all softy-smooth again, and my bangs look like someone else cut them, you know, Someone Other Than Me.

I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I will go sit in time-out for 30 and one-half minutes, because that's how we do it, one minute per year.

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