Friday, February 29, 2008

good day

Because it's so stinking cold up here in the great, white, north of Pennsylvania, The Mister had the day off from roofing pole barns. We took advantage of the empty, er, wide open day and headed out to the Strong Museum with the shorties.

What fun. I think this is the first time NumberOneSon has really really really enjoyed himself. He played and played; HB toddled around (did I mention that he's walking finally, now that he's 15 months?) and played as much as a kid his age can, and MyGirl completed the schedule of events she established when we told her we were going to Strong. This included a lengthy cooking class in the Old Fashioned Room and playing Jane and the Dragon in Fairy Tale Land (more commonly known as Reading Adventureland).

We stopped at the bank on the way home to deposit the check I got from babysitting one day this week, and much to our surprise, Uncle Sam had snuck in and made a big ol' deposit in out account. So today, I PAID THE MORTGAGE FOR MARCH WHILST IT IS STILL FEBRUARY!!! I feel like the champ. I paid a number of other things, as well, and am happy to say that more people and places are more excited about us than they were yesterday.

In the evening, I went to a very uneventful and inconclusive Habitat meeting, which was kind of awful, except for the lovely company in the room. Can't really say more, as it is all Very Secret. And just as disappointing was the Missing of Thursdays. I haven't been in quite some time, and I was really looking forward to going. My meeting was in the verysame building, but it was so dreadfully long, there was just no Thursdays for moi. But just in time to save the day were some lovelies, and a sofa, and chips and salsa and cheesy avocado dip and I ate the dip even though I am not supposed to be eating dairy and I was totally sick this morning but it was completely worth it and there was talking and talking.

Hooray. Voila. C'est magnifique.

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