Monday, February 11, 2008

not a break-even day

We use cloth diapers for the boys. NumberOneSon mostly uses the toilet during the day now, which helps a TON. I decided to use cloth because of economic reasons. I figured out that getting set up for eternity with cloth diapers cost less than three months of disposable...for one child. For two children, the break-even point was earlier than three months. That includes laundering the diapers and everything. We are not cloth diapering nazis, so we do use disposables without even a blip on our tree-hugging, environmental conscience.

Today was not a real break-even day due to the excessive amounts of poop coming from our friend HB. Let's just say that the diapers had a way better shower than I've had in months. I could have shaved my legs thrice in the time has taken so far today (it's 11:47 according to the clock on the lower right of the screen) to get the soil off the cotton.

That is a discouraging bit of info, and I hope to have something slightly, if not immensely more pleasant and interesting later on today.

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