Friday, February 15, 2008

i am such a girl

So in addition to being the last parent of small children to see the Pixar movie Cars, I am pitiful. At the end of the movie (that's all you get for a spoiler alert if you are as pathetic as me), the King (it's the King's last race) is purposely crashed onto the infield by Rude-yPants Green Car. The hero, FastyPants Red Car screeches to a halt just before the finish line, lets Rude-yPants Green Car win the Piston Cup, then goes back to the King. Then, in melodramatic fashion, he wins the hearts of cars everywhere by pushing the King across the finish line so he can finish his last race.

And holy cotton commercial batman, guess which pitiful parent got big ol' croc tears? Oh, that'd be me. I'd say for crying out loud right now, but that'd be dumb.

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