Friday, March 27, 2009

emailing it in friday

Here's the plan... just so long as mah ambien holds off a little longer.
1) take ambien (check)  (it's working already)
1b) Take a man-sized shot of castor oil...4T...follow with a shot of bourbon (this does need to be fun, right?)
2) find that guy and take his pants off
3) ahem.  and also YES YES YES YES
4) Evening Primrose Oil gel caplets popped up in mah places
and hopefully the result will be a supersoft cervix, and Wide Open Spaces, Room to make her big escape, excruciating pain followed by stinking adorable baybay, who should be a girl according to the Chinese calendar of such information.  Hope she likes the blue is all I'm saying.
5) Pass out and sleep like a baby until the CO kicks in and I poop mah brains out until the labour begins.

It's a long plan, but if everybody works together, then, team we will be successful.
the dayton time


  1. sex, sex, and more sex...

    and then no sex. for like... forever.

  2. Wow. That is an extensive plan. Some of it sounds fun. Some does not.

    Could you please live blog while you're delivering? Thank you. I'd appreciate it.

  3. Fingers crossed - hope it all goes according to your elaborate plan.

  4. Go Go Gadget Primrose!

  5. Woo hoo Momma! When you have a man, a plan, a canal... you get an Elliot!!!

  6. Want to hear something funny? I do not remember a) sending this as an email to Ree, and b) posting this to my blog.

    Three cheers for Ambien...
    Hip, Hip...HOORAY!
    Hip, Hip...HOORAY!
    Hip, Hip...HOORAY!!!!


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