Tuesday, March 3, 2009

it's getting late.

And since it's been very nearly FIVE!  OR FOUR!!! SOMEBODY ELSE COUNT!!! days since I've been a blip on my own radar, I thought I'd just check in.  

Things are just average here.  We've had average days, and average nights.  My whole downstairs was clean today for about two hours; that was above average.  Yesterday Wee Man had another of his Special Moments, and tantrumed to change the world for two hours.  That was above-average, or below-average, depending on if you were the pregnant lady getting kicked and hit and carrying him up to his bed, and then up the very tall bunk bed ladder ninetyeleven times.
It was then I decided that laying on him was much preferable, and probably wasn't as likely to send me back to the Room With The Nipple Ball as carrying him up the stairs.  So I laid on him, enforced cuddle time, if you will, until he fell asleep.  Then I took a nap with my very warm, suddenly cuddly child.  Sweet!  Above-average in the end.

Today, though, Wee Man thought I was the best.  Why?  Because I didn't pin him down with his unborn brother?  Oh, no, people.  I mended Beloved Blanket.  Or, if you're Wee Man, Bewovey.  The kid is like Linus.  Bwankey, thumb and all.
Beloved was becoming a wittwe thweadbawe.  And by a wittwe thweadbawe, I mean ENTIRELY TRANSLUCENT.  So I gave Beloved an Extreme Makeover: Blanket Edition.  And now?  Bewovey wooks wike a quiwt.  (That's quilt, stick with me here.) 

And the verdict?  Mama, you're the best.  Weawwy.  You are.  I wove my bwand new Bewovey.  Because he's the same Bewovey, just bwand new.


  1. Way to go, Mom!

    As a kid, I had a stuffed animal that looked like a basketball dressed as a caveman. He was mostly ball, with gangly arms and felt for eyes. He fell apart constantly. But no one ever took the time to fix him right. It was all safety pins and tape.

    He's a mess, but he's still around. 40 years later.

    Take care of the bwanky, I say . . .

  2. awe... 'just bwand new'... *melt*

    what a sweetie.

  3. Love it! My oldest has 'blankie' and my youngest has 'mimi' and they both suck their thumbs. I'm with ya!

  4. Extreme makeover...blanket edition...ROFLMAO! You are too cute.

    I used to love the forced cuddle until they pass out. Mine are old enough to hurt me now though so that's a thing of the past!

  5. Nice work. I have a special connection with the beloved as well, seeing as I've logged some hours searching for his little blankie booty.

  6. You should see this thing. The entire blanket has been encapsulated with pieces of towel, and flame print, and jolly roger print! All with a soft lovey center of Be-wuv-ed.

  7. Awwwwww. Considering I just got off the phone with the pissed off 17-year-old who is studying Spanish - who also just came up with several new swear words that were most decidedly NOT Spanish - that little glimpse into little-boydom made me smile.

  8. You ARE the best Mommy. And a pretty fantastic friend too.
    Also, did you know today is cheesy wednesday?

  9. I feel so disconected. I miss reading up on the Dayton's. Hang in there....you could be Octuplet Mom! she's getting racked over the coals at the moment! Just don't call 911 and tell them that your sittin on your child. I so adore manditory cuddle time...


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