Sunday, March 8, 2009

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My mother moved this weekend. Naturally, I didn’t help…not because I’m a great fat jerk, but because I’m a great whale of a pregnant person, and my midwife would have had both a hairy conniption and also would have had to deliver Sweets if I’d lugged big heavy boxes around all day Saturday.

Let’s be honest, here, moving stinks. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving because you want to move, or have to move, the entire process is exhausting and awful. Finding boxes, packing, loading the boxes on the truck and off the truck, placing each box in its new home…it’s a lot of thankless work.

Enter Whether you’re moving from a studio apartment or an entire household, will help you find the proper help for the task, right from the planning stages of the move. One of the free services provided by is the MoveMe Planner, an interactive, web-based calendar that plots every step of the moving journey based on your estimated move date. also provides free removal quotes from reliable, reputable removal companies, who are guaranteed to treat your possessions with the same care and respect they will show you throughout the moving process.

Small-scale move? For you offers quotes on man and van service. Fill out the quick on-line survey, and you will receive quotes from four local companies, complete with ratings from other customers.

Could finding a moving company be any easier? offers even more. Information on buying and selling your home, utility companies, insurance companies, obtaining new voter registration information, changing your mailing address… even provides you with quotes from qualified tradespeople who will take care of any repairs your new home might require.

Again, could make it any easier for you to plan and execute your move? Their comprehensive services cover the wide range of information you’ll need to have a hassle-free moving experience. And that? Is worth its weight in gold.

And here I go with the full disclosure part: I got paid ten bucks to review this website.


  1. I moved 17 times before graduating from high school. My dad sure could have benefited from this service . . .

  2. I used when I moved. It was great, easy to use and found a great moving company in London. Would recommend but won't be moving for another couple of years


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