Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the cast of characters

I am Pamela. This is me and my chins.

This is also me. But cuter.

Yeah, this is me, too. It's possible I took this picture with my phone whilst driving and chewing gum. But I have learned my lesson.


And yes, the dayton time is supposed to be a funny title.

I am The Official Boss of Things. What kind of things? Well, check these lookers out.

This guy, the one masterfully cuddling the baby and the beer at the same time? That's The Mister. He blogs too. He's the blurb to my douche... wait, that's not right, is it? In any case, you can't deny the power of a man holding his babeh. Just don't actually handle the power, because it's mine.

And here he is getting his sport on with our other boy.

This is my girl. We call her Miss O.

This here's my boy. You can call him Wee Man. And yes, I'm aware he's holding the business end of a power tool in his hand. But you see, I was not the Supervising Tall Person in that scenario, I was the Camera Tall Person.

This here's my other boy, HB. And well, that's me. We're floating on a big floaty thing in Keuka Lake, and if you don't know where that is you should consult the googles, because they know everything. And yes, I'm wearing a two-piece bathing suit after having four babies and even though I weigh what I weigh because I don't actually care what you think about it. Because we're all about keeping it real here, that's why.

Here he is again, getting all ready to snooze. Don't even think of discussing the binky (paci, sucky thing) with me because I have LET IT GO. It's all the way let gone, and I'm just totally over it and now we're moving on.

This here's mah babeh. Couldn't you just eat him?

That's us. Pull up a chair or a bit of floor. Just be careful to turn your head away from your screen if you're having something to drink whilst reading. You've been warned.

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  1. love it.
    and i'll definitely pull up floor ... 'cause we rarely use the furniture around here.
    and we enjoy tankinis, beer, kayaking and the eating of babies.


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