Sunday, March 29, 2009


Everybody's a little hurtin' today. The Missus, for obvious reasons. Little Elliott got himself, um... snipped today and was a little pissed off about it. The big boys didn't get enough sleep. Miss O played hard at her friend's all day. And yours truly, The Mister was out mixing a Pink Floyd cover band till the wee hours. (I know, weird thing to be doing the day your son is born, but The Missus knew what she was getting into when she married a sound guy.)

I took the boys over to meet their brother after nap time today. We were there for over an hour and the whole thing was pretty good. H.B. (as he is referred to on this blog) just grinned and grinned and patted his brother. He climbed on and off the bed about twice a minute for half an hour. He finally got to hold him and was just beside himself. I had been asking him for weeks if he was going to love the baby and have nice touches for him. He did.

Wee Man spent at least ten minutes just bouncing up and down after his initial inspection. He got a turn to hold him and was just as proud as a big brother can be. He lost interest somewhat when he discovered that the bed had buttons on it that made it go up and down. The Missus had to promise to let him take her for a ride while someone else held the baby.

Now the Short People are all snug in their beds. I just spoke to my darling wife and she is comfortable and happy as is the wee bairn. For my part I feel like ten gallons of organic fertilizer in a five gallon bucket. Food and sleep were all too elusive the last couple days. I'm hittin' the hay.

I think I've done my part filling in here and plan to step aside. Except to post a few pictures when the camera comes home I'll be handing posting duties off to the creme de la creme of the blogisphere that The Missus has hand selected to fill these pages for the next little bit. Tomorrow you'll be in the hands of Irish Gumbo. Good night to all and my deepest thanks go out to our friends online who followed along at home. Your words are a treasure to us. The money men of the world live in shacks and dress in rags compared to us.


  1. Wishing you love, peace, cuddles, sleep, grins, and big inhalations of baby smell. And yes, you are more blessed than the mansion-dwellers and doubly blessed because you know it.

  2. I'm sorta teary I'm so happy for y'all. He is beautiful and how lucky is he to be born into such a wonderful family?

    I'm so happy for your entire family...hugs and much love from Texas..!!!!

  3. Congratulations to you all...much love from the Pennsylvania way.

    How the heck to do I do my guest post on Wed.?

  4. you all are the best! Here's to the Missus and Elliot coming home today! enjoy the transition!

  5. I hope everyone is resting up! Thanks Pamela for the comment and suggestion of the place in Wyoming. I actually student taught there but never saw the place! I'll definitely add it to my list of places to check out!

  6. Aw, Mister. We love you guys.

    All of the best wishes for all of you. Always.


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