Saturday, March 7, 2009

she's craftay

This is how we do nesting at the Dayton house.  Because honestly?  I'm not the Cleaning Until Uterine Explosion Type.  I am interested in Other Things.

Like this:

Item 1, the adorable skirt for the adorable girlchild.  I had a bunch of this fabric laying around, and decided it would be a cute skirt.  So I thought about it, and then I made some of it into a skirt.  A Twirly Skirt.

Item 2:  Friends of ours just had a baby this week, and so I made a personalized baby blanket.  I do understand that baby blankets are not always the most useful gift, however, a second baby needs her (or his) own blanket.  They just do.  It's like a rule or something, at least in my house.  Kind of like the "No Sharing Combs, Toothbrushes, or Drinking Glasses Rule" that some people have.

I was super excited when I went to JoAnn Fabrics (the only fabric-peddling store within miles of where I live), and discovered that they actually have (gasp with me) prints that aren't barf-inducing.  I have had a difficult time shopping at Joann's for pretty much ever because their choices in fabrics that are not solids or calicos have been chronically lame.  But the last few times I have had crazy success like I had never known was possible.

Also, this is the first time I've used my sewing machine to embroider around applique, and I would give myself a grade of B-.  It's not pro-quality, but I'm not pro, so whatever.  It's on the funky side of things, and it will be swell.

The baby blanket is quilter's flannel on both sides.  You can see the chocolate brown side, and the pink paisley side.  And also the purple towel I used for an ironing board because I don't actually have an ironing board, because I don't actually iron unless I'm sewing.  And now you know all of my dirty little secrets.

And finally, here is Wee Man, trying out his bwand new Bewoved bwanky after I patched that wretched thing into Life #2.  It was a lame, light-seeping-through, vile and filthy piece of blanket and now it's BRIGHT!  and COLORFUL!  and most importantly, EASY TO FIND WHEN MISPLACED!!!!  I haven't cursed Beloved all week, because I can spot that guy instantaneously.

And heck, yeah, that's some skull-and-crossbonages on the Beloved Blanket.  Because that's how we roll here.  There's also some crazy flame material.  Because, as Wee Man pointed out, My Daddy wikes da fwames so my bewovey should have dem.  How can you argue with that sort of reasoning?  You just can't.  And I do realize that speech therapy is probably in that kid's future, but for now he's just too stinking cute for me to actually care.


  1. I miss my bwanky. Real bad.

    Skull and crossbones beats pastel sailboats anyday...just sayin'. i like it!

  2. oooo pretty baby blanky-- love it!

  3. your the best mom ever! 9 1/2 months preggers and till willing to sit at the sowing machine and pump out crazy lovely speical things for the kidos, you rock on with your bad skull and cross bone lovin self.

  4. I can't even tell you how much I'll never be able to get enough of bewovey. Please make sure he doesn't start talking like a grown up any time soon.

  5. aarrrghhh...i just wrote a comment and blogger refused to publish it, now i have to do it again. and hopefully it won't publish twice, cause that would be embarrassing.

    i did not know you were soo crafty! i love that skirt, way too cute! and i think blankets are a very useful baby gift, one can never have too many blankets, at least that's my theory. i was jealous of all the blankets my boys received, i wanted them for meee. so if i have another baby, you can make it a blankie (cause that one you made looks awful cute), and then i'd be oh so happy!

  6. Love them all. I'm afraid of sewing machines.

  7. OMG! i just now read this..that blanket is flippin adorable:) you are the sweetest ever! i cannot wait to give it to little bethany..hopefully we will come up soon to ol' NY so you can kiss her fat cheeks. xo -loriann

  8. Stop overachieving please, you're making us ordinary mortals look bad.

    June 18th or so I'm here and "free" until July 1.

    Load 'em up and head on down.


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