Wednesday, May 6, 2009

do you know me?

I know who I am, really I do, wife, mama, friend, antagonist, protagonist, teaser, instigator, cat-kicker, chef, baker, washer of clothes, doer of yard work...

I just don't always GET me.  

I'm not sure why exactly, and I don't really know how to comprehend me any better.  

I do a lot of things that I don't ever blog about.  Things that unless you know me in real life, outside of West Blogoslovakifornia, you will never know about.  Not because I especially care who knows what it is I do on a daily basis, but because I just don't see myself writing,
And today I made dinner for K, and coordinated this and that... That's not why you come here.  And it's not what I want to write about.  

Except here I am, not really writing about it.

I have been taking a break from most of those extracurriculars lately, you know, the whole new baby thing and whatnot.  It's sort of hard, to be honest, because I  love to help people.  I thrive on being useful.  I'm the master, or mistress, of fitting
just one more thing into my day with fluidity, never missing a beat.

High functioner.

That's what my therapist calls me, or at least he used to, when I was seeing him.  A highly sensitive, high functioning person.  I wasn't paying him money to tell me that exact bit of information; I know I am those things.  I was paying him to help me sort through quite a bit of other baggage I had acquired since birth.  But that is a whole 'nother post for a whole 'nother day.  Or not.

The Mister tells me all the time how wonderful I am, how much people appreciate me, how I make a difference in the lives of other people.  And while I know that I do all of the things I do, I can never really understand why that makes me different from other people.  Maybe that's a good thing.

I'm just living my life.  I'm not trying to be important to people, I'm not trying to earn their appreciation, I'm glad they enjoyed dinner, really I am, but seriously.  What's the big deal?  Does nobody else do anything nice for people?  Does the average person not hear the tired in a friend's voice?  Or do they hear the tired and not think about something they could do to help?

Where is this coming from?  Do you want to know?  Great.  I will tell you.  You had to imagine I would.  Someone tweeted about The Sling and Swaddle Journey, hosted by Hotslings and the people at The Miracle Blanket.  These companies are looking for 30 moms to try their product for 30 days (the month of June) and tweet and blog about their experiences.  NATURALLY I am applying for this, because I LOVELOVELOVE my Hotsling, and would love to have a new one, because really, people, you can't have enough of those things.  (I'd pick a fancy one, for the record, because I already have the basic black and basic brown cotton ones.)

Anyway.  The Selling Yourself To The Company Questions.
What one thing makes you a must-have to be one of our 30 moms?

Why will people want to follow you on Twitter?

List three adjectives that best describe you.
What is the most unique characteristic about you?


I don't know.  What makes me a must-have?  Why do people follow me on Twitter?  Why are you people here?  Adjectives?  I know what they are, but seriously, I'M supposed to come up with adjectives for MYSELF?
My most unique characteristic is that I need to have my dose upped in order to answer these questions without hurting my brain.  Somehow I don't think CRAZY is the adjective they are looking for.

Can you tell I haven't applied for a job in a really long time?  Oh my WORD, people.  This shouldn't be this hard.

Ummm, hi, I'm Pamela.  Sometimes I'm funny on my blog.  Sometimes I mock people who work in the political arena, sometimes I make fun of me.  Sometimes I post pictures of my short people looking totally nutso.  I forgot to pay the company that picks up my trash last month, and now my dumpster is full, and today was garbage day.  Honestly, I have no idea how I got here or what is going on, and my husband is doing the dishes right now while I sort my crap out here on the interwebs, but you should TOTALLY PICK ME!!!  I'M AWESOME!!!  I LOVE WEARING MAH BABEHS!!!  

I have nine days to figure this out.


  1. You need only give them three little words:
    Because, I'm awesome.

    There you have it.

    And, sad as it is, no not everyone is like that. I'm not. It's all I can do to get out of the bed in the morning, put clothes on the kids (some days not until after lunch) and feed them.. then there's the school, and the ... other stuff. I don't know.

    I'm about the lowest functioning person I know. And it takes people like you to keep me going. I have some people like you in my life here, and they have been inextensible. People that remind me that no matter how lame and lazy I get.. God will still send someone along to pick up my slack and motivate me to get going again.

    There you haves it.

  2. Yup. I agree with the ChurchPunk Lady... Yous is the awesomesauce!!! I vote for Pamela!

  3. For serial.. I'm with the second bestest of my BFFs, ChurchPunkMom! (No offense ChurchPunkMom, I just have known one longer!) For some of us, the ability to mother our children and wife our husbands...not easy. And to be the bestest of friends to all in need of our assistance... HA!

    I know I haven't known you very long, but you did send me that DM about some luggage we share and, like, the fact that you still DAILY do all these things... is WOW to me! I aspire! You inspire! So your three adjectives: Awesome, Saint, Friend. I had an identity crisis you can read about over at my place, if you didn't already... I know how you feel! Luv ya girlie!

  4. You're relatable...You're not putting on a're good at mommy-hood...YOu're witty and funny...yes, just put awesome.

  5. Just refer them to your blog. and say no more!

  6. three words ...
    because i'm me.

    (in your words, obviously.)
    i so don't KNOW you ... i know ... but i see you as a what you see is what you get kinda person. you aren't here to fluff stories or do something stupendous. you just do ... because it's what you do. does that make any sense?
    i'm that same kind of person. i'm me. and i do things because they are what is right in my mind. and i can truly tell you that there are so many people that just DON'T GET IT. really. i see them everyday interacting with their kids. and it scares the bejezzus out of me.
    good luck darling. i'm sure you will be the perfect mama for the job.

  7. Mostly you should get picked because you let me borrow a sling and its gone gone gone, and because you made the most beautiful and delicious cake on my birthday.
    And because your picked MOPS as the ONE THING you could fit extra into your life.
    And because you have the CUTEST baby.
    And because you earned it what with all the puking going on lately.
    And because you're a hot hot hot baby-wearing mama.
    So, that's mostly why.

  8. You deserve to be one of the 30 moms because you rock the mom-ship. Really. Look at all you do - the cooking, the sewing, the 4 kids...

    People follow you on Twitter because you're damned funny and we all need a good laugh now and again.

    Three characteristics?
    - Witty
    - Caring
    - Way Sexy (obviously)

    Most unique characteristic? That no matter busy, how stressed, how tired - you make time for your family and your friends.

    (and if they don't pick you, I'm coming to kick their butts.)

  9. How do I know who you are I don't know my own self most days? But here's what I do know about you:

    You love kids
    You're funny
    You have it more together than most people I know
    You're very nice
    You do stuff for people when they need it most

    I haven't 'known' you long enough to know much more than that. But I think that's a pretty good list. You deserve a new Hotsling for that itty bitty precious baby boy. I hope you win it :)

  10. Three adjectives:
    - Hot-earthy-sexy-mama
    - High-function-babywearing
    - Sparkle-eye-engaging-smile

  11. Why? Because...
    you. are. loved.

    By many...because everyone knows what an awesome person you are. It just shines through, just like your love for your babehs!!!


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