Sunday, May 3, 2009

rewind. take two. let's try that again.

Me: whineblahblahblah haven't been on a date in a year blahblahblah sick kid blahblahblah The Mister is on the couch blahblahblah whine

My Mother: Sometimes it was longer than that before your father and I went on a date.

Me: Well look how well that turned out.

Hear that sound? That's the lead balloon, hitting the concrete.


  1. My foot sometimes finds its way into my mouth also. Actually, more times than I'd like to talk about.

  2. I have some salt and ketchup for your toes. I keep it in stock for the many times my foot ends up in my mouth. She'll forgive you before you know it!

  3. Oh yes. It hits the concrete over here, too, occasionally. My hubby is leaving tomorrow for 2 WEEKS for a meeting/training session because apparently his company has never heard of MOTHERS DAY. Geeze...and I didn't say Jesus. (That is the latest slur used by our 5-year-old.) Now that I have two teenagers, I have come to the conclusion that the teenagers should come first...THEN the baby. It is way easier that way.

  4. One time my MIL (who I don't get along that well with) was here and she decided to help me fold some sheets. The thing is she folded them differently than I do. The way Hubby usually does. And I don't like them that way. I didn't know it was her. So, I scolded Hubby for doing it wrong. When I found out she had dome it I was so embarrassed.

  5. Score. Pamela : 1 Your Mom : 36 hundred million thousand...
    You rock.

  6. OUCH Pamela! Damn, don't you wish you had a life remote and you could stop and rewind your big mouth! (I do! For myself that is)

    Anyway, Mother's Day is next weekend. Don't let it go by un-noticed. (like it most likely will at my house)


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