Monday, May 4, 2009

it's a monday

Wee Man and HB were fighting over the little plastic strip you peel off a frozen juice concentrate container. Shrieking. Howling. Punching. Over a piece of trash. In some people's houses, I'm sure it's a piece of recycling, but it's a Monday, and it's going in the trash.

There are tiny little men inside my skull Riverdancing on my right frontal lobe. I want them to go away. It is Monday.

HB is plugging the words Mama, Mommy, and Mom at the beginning and end of everything he says to me. Sometimes, when I'm lucky, he puts one at both the beginning and the end of each sentence. It is really a Monday.

I made some coffee. The beans we get from Equal Exchange come in a two pound bag (five in a case, $60, super deal). We're about a pound down in this bag, and as I held it in my left hand, scooping with my right because I'm terribly right-handed-only, the bag started to slip... Hello, Monday.

The boys and I hit the grocery store last night because we were out of cereal, and if we hadn't gone I'd be writing about NOTHING FOR BREAKFAST, and IT'S A MONDAY. But we did go, and for some odd reason, a ginormous lemon meringue pie found its way into my cart. It was some seriously yummy pie. But today, I can't find the other half of the pie. It has disappeared.

Freaking Monday.

The barfing flu has kicked Miss O in the shins. Well, belly. And head. We need to bust out the carpet cleaner. Damn flu. Stinky Monday.

I'm going to go drink coffee with heavy cream and fancy French bourbon sugar in my bathrobe.

For the rest of the day.


  1. oy monday! at least it will be tuesday tomorrow. =) hope the coffee solves some of the mondays for you!

  2. "I'm going to go drink coffee with heavy cream and fancy French bourbon sugar in my bathrobe."

    If I were at all smart enough to become a Doctor of Medicine....the above would be on my prescription Pad....allot.

  3. I think you should hide out for the rest of the week, poor thing!

  4. Sorry you still have stinky flu in the house! I agree with your ambition to drink coffee in your bathrobe for the rest of the day. An amazingly perfect way to forget it's Monday!

  5. You swept those beans up and put them back in the bag didn't you? I would've. And your coffee with the fancy french bourbon sugar (where the hell can I get some, BTW?) sounds heavenly.

  6. I'd like to talk more about this bourbon sugar that you speak of.

    1) does it have actual bourbon in it?
    2) can I really use heavy cream in my coffee or will I go straight to fatasshell?

    3) where does one acquire said bourbon sugar???

  7. Sorry about the pie. It just looked so good, I couldn't help myself. And I greased the outside of the coffee bean bag too so you'd stop drinking all the coffee. I wonder what other little surprises I left around your house?

  8. I love you! Enjoy your coffee and bathrobe!


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