Friday, May 1, 2009

fluff friday

Do you like how I make stuff up?  Like this whole Fluff Friday Thing?  I am awesome.  And that is why I am delivering you a healthy dose of blog awards and, everybody's favorite... THE MEME!!!!!  And because I am That Flavour of Awesome, I have the same meme for you TWO TIMES!  I am sure all of you at home watching are actually standing and applauding and cheering your little...

Who am I kidding?

Nobody cheers for memes.

Especially when there's two of the same one on the same blog.

Alas, it seems I suck.

Here's something that does not suck: Fancy French Bourbon Flavoured Sugar. In mah coffee. With heavy cream and not half and half. Have I ever mentioned that my MIL is good like that? Another flavour of good: going to a stupid meeting and coming home to FREE BABYSITTING!!! (knew about that before I left) and CLEAN AND FOLDED LAUNDRY!!!

I have been trying to NOT mention this, but the short people have been barfing and pooping ever-whar for a week now, thereby generating about eight loads a day. Needless to say, I have been a little swamped with the laundry.

I even put most of it away, IN DRAWERS, last night.

But this post is not about The Barf and The Laundry.

Before I get to the real point of things, though, I just wanted to say that today is the first time I've seen one of my posts on the BlogHer Ads list of posts over there on the right. It's Wednesday's post called 'bloom' and I'm not linking to myself today. But it just plain tickles me to see it there. Oh stop laughing at me. It's been a long week.


The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the Zombie Chicken - excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.  These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie cihckens just to be able to read their inspiring words.  As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers.  Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all.

My five choices?  Five lovely ladies (smell them in the air) who would appreciate a good zombie award.
ChurchPunkMom from Embellished Truth and Polite Fiction
Jen from Blissfully Caffeinated
Jenbo from SteenkyBee
Jenny the Bloggess 
The Stiletto Mom (because she's all recovering and stuff, and needs something new to think about)

I got the Bella Award from Jess over at This Life Is Mine.  This is Jess.  Hi, Jess!  I stole this picture from her blog because I'm assuming (you know what they say about assuming, right?  it makes an ASS of U and ME?) that she'd be cool with it... 

She's so sad-looking because it took me like ninetyeleven years to post this, and she was thinking I didn't appreciate it, or that I didn't like her... or maybe she's hung over.  Who knows.  Anyway, Thanks, Jess.  The Award is for bloggers you have just discovered and really enjoy reading.  I haven't even been able to keep up with the blogs I usually read, so I'm not going to pass it on right now.  But if you have recently found a blog that you enjoy, please feel free to pass the award on.  

Anyway, to show you that non-recognition of recognition is par for the course, I offer you Exhibit A:  The Superwoman Award.

This is from my knocked-up, already-married-but-having-the-party-in-four-weeks pal Danae from Beauty In Distress.   She's lovely, and she has morning sickness, so you should stop by and tell her nice things about being pregnant.  Do NOT even go over there and tell her about being completely lame (unable to walk lame, not pathetic) for the last two months of pregnancy, or about how you were in active labour for three weeks before they stuck a massive pair of tongs up your bajingo to yank that monkey out, because I will personally come over and kick you in the teeth.  Because I'm not pregnant any more, and I can totally kick that high.  Also, I hear kickboxing is a great workout, and I need to lose that last five pounds of baby skin weight.

Exhibit B:  The Good Buddy Award, from a highly esteemed blogging colleague who will remain nameless because I'm a colossal ass and saved the jpg to my little folder and wasn't clever enough to bookmark or otherwise record the person who loves me so much.

I always wanted to be a great buddy.  Maybe I'm not... maybe you should take your award back.

Exhibit C:  Sardine Mama from Sardines in a Can gave me this award, in March.  (See, Jess?  I'm just a slacker.)  And this is what she said about me: Pamela over at the Dayton Time deserves an award because she just popped out a baby. And she is funny. She has guest bloggers this month at her popular site while she recuperates and is waited on hand and foot and stuff. Anyway, Pamela just makes me laugh. I like laughing. So I like Pamela.  Awww, shucks.  Thanks, Mama!  I like you, too!

I got this award from Ree at The Hotfessional (this week) and also ChurchPunkMom from Embellished Truth and Polite Fiction (oh I don't know, maybe two, three months ago?)  

Here are the rules for the award:  List 7 things you love (or six things that make you happy, or pick your own set of rules...) and pass the award along to seven friends whose blogs you love.
  1. I love my family.
  2. I love Jesus.
  3. I love my house.
  4. I love my French Press.
  5. I love my camera.
  6. I love cake.  (And Cake's pretty good, too.)
  7. I love my garden.
The seven friends whose blogs I love:
  1. The Mister.  Duh.
  2. Jill at The Daniels Five.  Because I miss that girl, I tell you!
  3. The Well-Read Hostess
  4. Joce at Tillaboro Orchard
  5. Styro at Speaking in CAPS (Jim's new to Blogistanifornia, and just celebrated his one month birthday.  Kind of like Elliott, but hopefully Jim uses the big boy potty.  Check him out.)
  6. Jen from Coconut Belly because she and I think alike.  So if you like me?  You'll like Jen.  Also, I want to say that it's hard to type three L's all in a row.
  7. Sardine Mama from Sardines in a Can 


  1. That is totally my new favoritest award. And I'm pretty sure I gave you the 'Good Buddy Award' too.. cause you are a good buddy (who totally forgot that I gave her the award but that's okay I forgive you anyway because you're awesome..).

    You rock.

  2. CPM-I was wondering if it was you or IG. And now I know.

  3. That is the best award evah. I totally respect and revere zombie chickens. I don't know about consistently producing remarkable content - other than it's remarkable how crappy my content is - but I'm going to take this award anayway. Thank you, lovely one.

    P.S. My first attempt to type "consistently" in this comment came out like this: "consostenyl". What the?

  4. Yep, that was a hangover day fo sho! I am much more spry today! I took my night off last night and BOY was I feeling lovely this morning! READY FOR THE WORLD! Wahoo!

    Thanks for the shout out and just so you know, that whole I was pregnant and I have kids and they are all throwing up story is totally...well, I guess it is a good excuse...huh. Oh well!

    I am going to go and make up some awards now. It is my new calling in life.

  5. aw. so sweet. we do think kinda alike huh? thanks for the linkage. but just so you know ... i NEVER GET AROUND TO PUTTING THESE THINGS ON MY BLOG.
    but i'll try. for you. and if i don't. remind me. or don't. whatev.

  6. I love you for this. Never has an award been more fitting bc I do in fact feel like a Chicken Zombie. Would you believe I also threw my back out and woke up with hives this am? For realz. :) Thanks for the smile!

  7. Thanks for the props. Love you back.

    I also decided to give myself all of those awards from you because they sound cool.

    I especially want the superwoman and zombie chicken awards, because, well, who wouldn't.

  8. omigoodness. So many awards, my head is spinning.

    I hate barf and poop, by the way.

  9. YAY! The awards ceremony was awesome! CPM made me get a fancy dinner and dress up in a suit, she wore a dress and we read the blog post and applauded for each of you tools. It was great. Wew were only lacking the thank you speeches so we could properly make fun of you for thanking other people for your content. Because where do you get your content? From your colorful lives of course!

    Ok - nuff said, probably lost a potential friend... but who needs them when you got a sexy wife and she has a hot blog.


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Pamela, dahling! Thank you so much. I feel as though I am swimming in kudos this week. Although I'm not too good at handing out awards yet, I have been reading and enjoying you and The Mister regularly. Hope things calm down a bit in your household so you can both get a breather.

  12. Dude thanks for the shout out! i miss you and your short boys too...My boys would really love to get together and woop up a mess of trouble with them sometime. I am going to try and be back in town in 2 weekends the weekend of the 16th. HOPEFULLY we can get together then. Jill

  13. Thanks! This is rocking awesome because I am nowhere near your league and all. In fact, lately, the average traffic sign has exhibited more wit than my blog (sigh). I have one more short person than you so I am allowed to be less witty seeing as how I have lost more brain cells (I am suspicious they leak out through the breasts, which I know sounds improbable but seems to be true, nonetheless).


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