Friday, May 8, 2009

emailing it in friday: to wrh

dear wrh,
you should totally take those awards if you want them.
and best of all?
i'm completely PLOWED right now.
jon made me a bourbon and coke that might make me grow chest hair if it doesn't kill me. not KILL ME, kill me, just, well, whatever. i'M about drunk. and it's fun. I tell you What, though, that guy had better not be trying to violate The six Weeks Of No Sex. Because then I'll be mad at him.
I need to go finish mah bourbons like a good girl.


  1. hey now, according to some totally freakin awesome midwives I know, you don't *have* to wait 6 weeks.. it's just 'whenever you feel up to it'. ;) jus sayin...

    and my favorite part? where you used onlyaman's label on your post.. yeah. awesome.

    hot wives *are* hard to come by. ;)

  2. SIX WEEKS! JR told me it was 3. I need to go have a talk with him.

  3. hahahahahahahaha. And how are you feeling this morning?

    I added a good dose of Nyquil to my nightcap last night and slept the sleep of the dead until Mr. Hot decided to start fighting and woke me up while speaking in tongues.

  4. yes how are you feeling this morning. and how is little elliot sleeping these days as well?

  5. you crack me up ...
    and in response to your comment:
    i. don't. know.
    i guess because that's what i did with stella. which doesn't make it anymore right. and now i'm completely regretting my decision and i feel worse!
    (and i won't slap you for posing the question ... it's amazing i didn't think of it myself.)

  6. This is so funny! I actually don't remember when I sent wrh this email. I think we had some bourbon Sunday night? Maybe?

    The scheduling the post feature is fun!

  7. Ssshhh...My husband thinks it's 12 weeks.

  8. I feel like I've attended some kind of Elks Lodge awards ceremony, during which I was handed an armful of trophies and lauded by a slurring be-hatted ElkMan.


  9. Reminds me of a cartoon I saw once where guy asks a pregnant couple when the "Blessed Event" was. The guy (who is pitching a tent) answers, "As soon as possible after the delivery!"

  10. You totally XO'ed us...
    Have you ever XO'ed us?
    I think you just totally made out with the interwebs... while you were plastered!!!
    YOU are a bit slutty when you're drunk.
    I kind of like it... let the horny prego dreams begin!!

  11. I really want to be plastered too. I have vodka, and I have cranberry juice. Thanks for flicking the light bulb, and Happy Mother's Day, babe!

  12. this made me smile a lot. oh the joys.


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