Friday, September 19, 2008

blogger, i am mad at you

It seems Blogger has other plans for me tonight. All I wanted to do was upload a few pictures so I could finish my second most fascinating post EVER.

Upload this, Blogger.

And I can't even deal with the not-so-helpful-desk/FAQ section of life right now. Some other time, I will tell you what FAQ really stands for.

Now I am crabby and I'm going to bed.

And let me just tell you, Mr. Not Working BloggerPants, you had better get your kinky ironing all done whilst I sleep, because I will be back in the morning.

So quit screwing with me. And my second most fascinating post ever.


  1. i'm on the edge of my seat...........

  2. hey now... computers only do what you tell them to! :p

    (the internet on the other hand... is another story. ;))

  3. Oh I hate when blogger does that! Just drives me batty.

    So this post you are going to have us wait for better be pretty darn good. I'm just sayin'...

  4. Ok, I hope everything is ok at your house! nither you or mister have updated your blogs! Your in my thoughts hope misters job is going great! oh yeah, I'll be in town on thursday, we HAVE to get together for coffee! ok!

  5. Thanks for comiserating with me. I totally plan on making Blogger my bitch soon. You in?

  6. @jenboglass: name the time and place. And send really specific directions.


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