Wednesday, September 3, 2008

sort-of-wordless wednesday, or and away she went.

Don't you forget that this going to Kindergarten business is all about me. It wasn't awful. I only sniffled a little bit. Except for the part where Miss O got on the bus, and Wee Man said, Bye, Sis. I never see you again. And then I sniffled a lot and swallowed hard. And I didn't crush/smother/cause embarrasment when she climbed off the bus. I actually sent her back for her backpack. Pragmatic. And she will go back tomorrow. I bought a new pair of big girl pants, I just need to remember to put them on when I get up in the morning.

Bacon and eggs, breakfast of champions.
I can't define that expression.
But that girl was holding on tight to Wee Man.
Note the species in her native surroundings.
Here she is dancing the "I See The Bus" dance.

She didn't even turn around to wave to me us.

See, Wee Man, they brought her back.

The bus had NO AIR CONDITION!!!
That is a real kick in the butt!

All in all, it was a good day.
And in all her life, I have never known this child to eat so much for dinner.
Or, should I say, dinners.
She would make Michael Phelps proud with her caloric intake today.

And she wore these.


  1. She wore the shoes!! Yay! Was she the envy of every other kid in school?

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  3. You forgot the part about the dishwasher! That's over on The Mister. Yeah, shameless plug and I screwed up the address the first time I posted it.

  4. Hey, the first thing i noticed was the sneakers, but then I kept reading and realized that you (of course)didn't neglect to point that out!


  5. Yay! Congrats Miss Olivia! I love her hair parted like that, btw.

  6. She is SO pretty! Oh, and I noticed the shoes right away. They're entirely too shiny and sparkly to sit in a corner of the closet unworn..

  7. She is a lovely girl. Her hair is always down like that. She just won't have it any other way unless the temperature is above 100. And those shoes rock. I wish they had some for me.

  8. She's a doll. I'm glad it was a successful day, for you both! I'll see how my own kindergartner fared today when I pick her up in about 40 minutes.

  9. Very cute pictures...and the whole site looks beautiful!

  10. aaah!! i can't believe it.

  11. I would want her to stay home too if I had that sweet little face to look at. ;-)

    And kickin' shoes!!!

  12. Glad she wore the shoes! And that the first day was a success.


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