Tuesday, September 23, 2008

it seems that the friendly skies don't like the boobies. how is that even possible?

I know that pretty much every time I've ever mentioned Canada in previous posts, it has been in a sort of poking fun way. Not poking fun at Canada, because why would I do that? Seriously. I only poke fun when there's fun to be poked at.

Most of my mentions of Canada are me telling you that Miss O has threatened to move there.

Today I am going to tell you about The World's Suckiest Airline Company Ever, WestJet.

Once upon a time, or a little more than a week ago, a mama boarded a plane with her wee bairn. It was time for the wee bairn to have a snack, so his mama nursed him. Discreetly. Without Baring The Goods, and I think you know what I mean.

All of the sudden, an airline hostess appeared, holding a blanket. The hostess bent way, way over, presumably because she was trying to be as annoying as possible, and suggested that Nursing Mama Who Was TOTALLY Not Baring The Goods put a heavy, heavy blanket over her already warm and toasty bairn's head.

And then she wouldn't go away. Did she want a taste of the wholesome milky goodness? The world may never know. But The Hostess Who Was NOT The Mostess stayed. And behaved unprofessionally. And inappropriately. AND SHE MADE THE MAMA CRY. And that? Is not good, people.

Eventually, the plane landed, and the Mama went home. And blogged about the whole thing, of course, because that's what we do, and also contacted the company. And the company? Has not even bothered to give her the time of day. That makes them BASTARDS. So the Mama blogged about it again, and let her dogs off the leash. And now the company is getting slammed with emails from angry mamas.

The most ridiculous thing of all? In Ontario, Canada, it is perfectly legal for women to be topless. So what is the big effing deal? If she was walking around Toronto, all nude from the waist up, she'd have been ogled, for sure, but she'd have been left alone about it.

But she wasn't walking around in the northern nude. The Mama was being 'decent'. She was covered. There was no nipple-age going on, no softy boobies hanging out all over the place. Because we can totally nurse our babies like that when the babies are cooperating. And actually, most of us, if not ALL of us, would prefer to not have our Working Girls strutted out like hookers on a corner. Because our Working Girls? Are not Whores. They are lovely, softy parts of our bodies that were created for the sole purpose of nourishing our babies. That they are fun playthings for the boys is just a bonus. Nursing is not sexual in nature. It is not always, or sometimes ever, a pleasant thing to do. But it is the scientifically proven best possible option for our children so we plod on.

I'm linking to my Unfortunate Breastfeeding Incident. Here is Part the First. Here is Part the Second. I know how awful it is to be scorned in the name of decency. And nobody, I mean NOBODY deserves that.

So Her Bad Mother? Stick it to the man.


  1. wow! I have nursed in public and if I was having more kidos I would be nursing them in public too! I (fortunately) never had anyone ask me to not nurse my babies in public! But you can believe that they would have gotten a fist full of all but one certain finger ifyouknowwhatimean!

  2. I followed Catherine's story too and I was shocked. They're socialists up there. You'd think she'd have more chance of being scorned for ripping out a bottle than a boob.

    But people are boobs.

  3. A to the Men!

    Thankfully, I've never been made to feel crappy about nursing my babe in public. I don't think I would have reacted very well at all.

    The gist is this: society wants women to nurse their babies, but to stay home while doing it. And to that I say, F off, society!

  4. yep yep. you know where i stand on the subject. ;-)

  5. I will never think of a hostess as a sweet little cupcake ever again. BAD HOSTESS!!!

  6. Pamela!
    You've got me all riled up...I'm gonna have to do some letter writing.
    I do letter writing because I know it works. Except with airlines, but I'll give it a shot. Power in numbers baby. You should shoot milk at the next person to give you problems. I do that to Joe sometimes when he needs disciplinary action. It's effective like letter writing.

  7. And now I wrote my letter. See new post.


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