Saturday, September 13, 2008

oh good lord. i've been meme'd

I was hit twice in the same week with the same meme. Can I just say? Thanks for thinking of me. You are SO KIND! I APPRECIATE YOU!!!

Who has done this silly deed? Jill, from The Daniels 5, and ThatGirl, from Hey You, Remember Me?

Here I go. I know you're holding your breath in anxious anticipation of the TMI that awaits you.

The Rules:
1) Rattle off 6 quirks (you know things about yourself that others might find odd in some way)
2) Then tag 6 more blogs leaving links to their blogs
3) Leave comments on their blogs to let them know that you intend for them to follow suit! (follow me?)

My six quirks:
1) I get completely stressed out in new situations. For example, meeting people, going someplace I've never been before, any situation that involves small all causes me to hyperventilate. Unless I am speaking in front of a group. Then I am fine. I am clever and witty and self-assured. But put me in the crowd, and I become an overcooked vegetable.

2) I would rather stay home and eat food I've cooked than eat food prepared by other people. Because I know I will like what I make. That is why I make it. And restaurants? I'm not really into restaurants at all.

3) I am, according to The Mister, delightfully neurotic. But then I think Am I? Or is he just saying that to make me chill out and think he really does like me despite being the teensiest bit nutso?

4) Teeth noises make me crazy. This is different from Delightfully Neurotic. It may stem from Delightfully Neurotic, but it is another animal entirely. Teeth noises make me sick to my stomach. They make my teeth hurt. It is hurting me to think about it now.

5) I say terrible things to people when I am pregnant and I have no idea I have said anything terrible. The words I hear in my head are different than the ones that come out of my mouth. FOR EXAMPLE: Whilst prego with Miss O, The Mister, my mother and I were sitting across the picnic table from our pastor and his wife at the annual church day in the park. My mother's dad was in hospice care at a house for the terminally ill that was about an hour from where we live. My mother asked me if I wanted to ride down with her that afternoon to visit my Granddad. The casual answer I heard in my head was, No thanks, it's pretty hot out today. I am tired and want to stay home. (I had been visiting pretty much every other day for months by that time). What I actually said was, WHY WON'T HE DIE? And I couldn't understand why The Mister grabbed my plate out from under my fork, took me by the ear and led me off to the car. I cried all the way home, I didn't say that! Why are you taking me home? What is the matter with you? Turns out, I did say that.

6) I have lots of bags. The Mister says this is a quirk of mine, but I think he just doesn't really hang around with lots of women. I really do have many, many bags. One of my favorites is a wine colored fabric, with a big pocket on the front, with an applique of black fabric and burlap-like stuff. I got it at the local Alternative Christmas Fair, an event at a church where not-for-profit organizations peddle their wares. There was a table full of these bags, each one unique despite the common fabrics. I inquired about them and learned that the bags were made by women who had been bought out of prostitution in India or some such place, and the women were now earning money by making these supercute bags instead of bagging johns. I said to the woman behind the table, What a fantastic program! It is such a safe and sanitary way of employing a prostitute, and you don't even have to worry about those pesky STD's. I'll take this one.*

My tag-ees:

1) Danae
2) Melody
3) Stephanie
4) Jocelyn
5) Catherine
6) Ree

*I wasn't pregnant. I just couldn't help myself.


  1. ok the memeing is over (thank god) and I wanted to see if I finally fiigured out how to get a picture on when I make a comment so here it going I'm about to officially click the "publish comment" button, and see if my little picture comes up, wish me luck....

  2. it worked, IT WORKED!!!!!!!

  3. hey, love your blog. :) thanks for stopping by mine.

    and yeah, #1 - social anxiety, i have it too.

    and i can so relate to the pregnancy induced verbal vomit - i suffered that as well, but just when i was pregnant with the boys.

  4. 1. check
    2. check
    3. check
    4. check
    5. check
    6. and...check.

    ( although I don't know if TWGH would tack on the "delightfully")

  5. Wow, that whole "why won't he die" must've been a total WTF moment for everyone involved...

    And not liking restaurants? Man, I wish I had that problem! I'd save tons of money each year..

  6. "WHY WON'T HE DIE"???

    That made me do this funny little guffaw that rubbed my throat the absolute wrong way and probably set me back another day in my recovery from the worst cold ever. Thanks. ;)

  7. Yeah. The Why Won't He Die. It took a long time for that to be funny. Sorry about your recovery, Maggie.

    @Michelle: It really didn't help the situation that our pastor's wife is PAINFULLY shy. Actually, there's nothing that could have helped. It was not one of my finer moments.

  8. Hey, good thing I read your blog today so I could finally figure out what the heck you meant by meme'd. I'll get right on it.


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