Tuesday, September 2, 2008

he's not there

At work. The Mister is not at his job. Because it's not his job any more. He decided that more than enough was actually enough. Thank the Lord. I knew I was stressed by the situation, but I didn't realize exactly how stressed I really was until he told me he was done. Really really done.

The past 24 hours have been practically blissful.

Do you like how I've turned The Mister's miserable situation into another All About Me? I'm good like that.

I do admit that I am a teensy bit concerned that there might be a little hot-head action at my place tomorrow morning. But I am confident in my ability to a) stand up to Captain Asshat, and b) dial 911. Because I am not going to deal with crap from that wee man (he's actually enormous), no siree.

We have a happy last day of summer planned, filled with strudel/peaches/sausage eating, and puffy paint buying, and playground playing. After nap, we'll play in the back yard, and maybe have a picnic. And it will be lovely.


  1. hiya :) the link on the mister's pic to his blog is borked!

  2. Yeah Babe, it's missing the dot in .com. Do surf over there, I'll be posting all day.

  3. Wow, that's great.

  4. fixed the link. sorry about that. and i am happy for us, too!


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