Thursday, October 9, 2008

and now, i've got it. or, it's mine, all mine

I thought I was getting it Tuesday. But that was just a tease.

All day Wednesday, I felt a little off-ish.

Wednesday night, I attended a class in East Aurora, home of Fisher-Price. The class had nothing to do with Fisher-Price, I just thought I throw it in there to show you what a glamorous life I lead. At the class, I became seriously concerned about being able to drive home. It was a long drive, and the roads are not lit, and there are lots of creatures running amok.

There was the churning. And the burning. It was not happy.

Fortunately, there was a woman in the class who was going my way, so she agreed to follow me home. Which was excellent, apart from my erratic driving, and my MiniCooper van not wanting to go above 45 mph. And the part where I was pulled over about two miles from home, and asked if I had been drinking.

No, I said. I'm fourteen weeks pregnant, and my children have been vomiting like cartoon characters all week. I just feel really sick, and I'm exhausted. Please let me go home.

I arrived home, and was hit with, well, it. And now, it's mine, mine, mine.

I called my midwife's office at three this afternoon, to see if she thought it was okay that I hadn't eaten or had anything to drink in about 24 hours. Turns out, that's bad. The office phoned in a prescription for some sort of anti-barfing-your-brains-out/anti-pooping-your-brains-out meds. They were being super considerate, because instead of prescribing the ORAL medication, they? Prescribed suppositories.

Thank you, thankyouverymuch.

And don'tcha know? I feel considerably worse now that I've slipped one of those bad boys in. But also, remarkably sleepy. The package said that would probably happen.

Also, one quick question for you all: When you are sick, or your children are sick, does your spouse come down with an acute case of Sympathy Illness?

I'm going to cuddle with my Gatorade and compazine.


  1. Unfortunately for me, my husband usually ends up having to work late... very late, whenever I get sick. And in so doing, avoids catching any and all bugs that enter our household!

  2. My hubby has averyweak stomach and so upon seeing vomit, he inturn vomits so we have to avoid those kind of incidents from happening so he will vacate the premisis upon any vomiting. Nice huh! I'm so sorry you are not feeling well, I wish I was closer so I could take the short people off your hands! I hope you have some help!

  3. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you ALL feel better soon. The last time I was sick like that, 1997. I had the flu for 6 days. My husband kept asking me what was for dinner until I sat up and pulled a Linda Blair on him. He finally figured out he should take the kids to McDonald's and leave me alone. I refuse to get sick because I don't have time to be sick.


  4. oh honey, concerned grimace and prayers coming your way..lots and lots of them. THat's miserable.

  5. Sorry you have the pukey's and also that you have to stick your medicine there, where you have to put it.
    Very sincere "get better soon" wishes to you and yours.

  6. awe... praying for you, sister. nothing quite like having a stomach bug when you're pregnant. One of the worst one's I've had was when I was 7mo pregnant with my third.. and both my boys were barfing and my husband too.. and couldn't call for help for fear of infecting my immuno-sensitive diabetic father.. ooooh... so fun. good memories. 'who's going to take care of the kids???'

    want more puke-fest? read my post from today..

  7. I had the flu when I was pregnant with HB, in the middle of July, right before Wee Man turned one. Miss O also had it, and it was worse than this time. Both of us ended up in the emergency room, on different days, and I had to spend the night in the hospital, iv's of anti-nausea stuff and hydration.

    I'm feeling better now, and to prove what a good share-er I am, I will tell you that I shared with my MIL and she's starting to feel better.

    Thanks for all the kind words.

  8. My husband always manages to be out of town or busy at work when me or the kids are sick. Miraculously, all commitments are swept aside when HE is sick, and he can just got to bed and rest.

    Do I sound bitter?

    Glad you're feeling better. Suppositories rock.


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