Saturday, October 11, 2008

housekeeping saturday

Ach, two weeks in a row. I apologize.

It's not entirely housekeeping items, just a general what-the-heck-style mishmash of the things that have been running around my funkified brain this week.

Item 1: The Debate That Was Not.

So that happened. Or didn't. I told you I was going to review this, but really? Naahtgaahnahdoeht. That is me saying "Not gonna do it" just like George H.W. Bush. In case you didn't catch it. And why am I naahtgaahnahdoeht? Because it makes me tired, that's why, and I'm all worn out already from, well, the earlier part of the week.

However. One of my most favoritest bloggers, The Lovely Ms. Jennifer Mattern, Boss of Things at Breed 'Em and Weep, guest posted at Alpha Mom about a playdate at her house. If you found yourself poking your own eyes out with sharp kitchen implements, or hurling beer cans at the TV (heh, heh, all you Joe Six-Packs ooot thar), or just plain turning off the telly in disgust, I believe you will find true enjoyment in her post. Personally? I laughed loudly and obnoxiously... and ran to the bathroom twice. To pee, if you must know. I'm done with the barfing. Your life will only be enhanced by clicking over and reading what Ms. Mattern has to say.

Item 2, Oh Yes, Yes She Did:

I don't care what anybody has to say about this, I think it's swell that Angelina Jolie is breastfeeding on the cover of a swanky magazine. (I did not say "SWANK" magazine. That is a whole 'nother matter entirely. I'm not even going to link it. Hear that? It's the Googles finding me again!)

I will say? I wish I looked that hot whilst breastfeeding. Even if it only lasted long enough to get the shot. Actually, I'd take looking that relaxed and pleasant any day. I think the rest of the Dayton clan would take it, too.

Item The Third, It Seems She Did, Too, But She's Getting in Trouble For It:

I have said before that the only people who wink are liars and men who want to get laid. I would just like to extend my deepest thanks and appreciation to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for proving me... CORRECT!

And you can read about the Troopergate Scandal here, here, here, here,....and pretty much anywhere else you look. You're all clearly quite intelligent, and I'm sure you can choose the news outlet that caters to your political leaning.

But one deep, probing question remains: Is she a liar? Or is she a man who wants to get laid? It seems the Committee is still out on that one. My personal opinion? She is a liar who works for a man who wants to get laid. Because statistically? He probably needs a little help in that department, if you know what I mean. Especially considering he's statistically dead.

Oh, and that photo? Belongs to the Associated Press. But everybody's using it, so I am, too.

Item The Fourth, Laundry Tree Loving, and This Is NOT Me Being A Paid Endorser, Just A *Thanked* Endorser:

Lisa, Supercool Lisa from Laundry Tree, sent me a fabulous thank you package in the mail, with tons and tons of soap nuts, and some nice oil, and extra baggies to hold my nuts (ooh, now you're jealous, with the mention of extra baggies for nut-holding). Those peeps over there are fantastic, and they think I'm terribly funny.

Happy Saturday. Have some pancakes.


  1. i just love this post. i believe sarah palin has just had her 15 minutes of fame. can the world get back to normal now?!

  2. Where I live (Texas Cattle Country) she is still queen. And homeschoolers I know think she is practically a saint. Of course, where I live people are still proudly displaying their "w" stickers. I am surrounded by the 25%. I feel like Alice in Wonderland only everyone else is on the magic mushrooms.

    When I heard about McCain's dating The Flame of Florida (stripper) in his younger days, and taking her to senate dinners to the thrill of the other senators and the dismay of their wives - I thought to myself, "and there he stands with Palin, who is every bit as exploited by McCain as the Flame of Florida was." See the thread, here? And this is supposed to attract feminists? I am thinking it has backfired. He brought her in to attract the very group that is now turning independents off with their lynch mob antics. He created a monster and now he can't control it.

    Now onto other topics - I have to get some soap nuts! Just when I think I have exhausted ways to freak out friends and family (nursed big kids in public - check, refuse to send kids to school - check, let said kids educate themselves - check, put Obama sign in my yard - check) I come across these little poo balls I can put in my washing machine!

    I am glad I found your blog!

  3. Great post! I love the Angelina cover. It's beautiful.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Pancakes. Yum. Thanks, now I'm craving pancakes.

  5. Sardine Mama - me TOO! Keep the faith.

    Also...hmm, how to say this? ..hmmm. I, well, I wink. Not on purpose though - I wink against my, um, in awkward situations where we southern women feel a strong need to make up for the awkwardness of it all by being overly - sugary sweet and gracious..and I, well, I as I shake a hand or as I shake my head yes..I'm sorry. I have no control over it. It's like that Belle deep down inside breaks out of her chains and says "Hey y'all, let me handle this! (and she winks)"..

  6. Nut holding and breast feeding. Beautiful. I wish I were half as pretty as La Jolie. Even before she was surgically enhanced. Bravo for her for showing the world it's natural and beautiful to breast feed.

  7. you are become quite popular with the masses! Way to go! I really just wanted to share my new picture with you! Congrats on your blogging popularity

  8. damn I can't type, that should read "you have become"

  9. Go Angelina! She just moved up a few notches in my book..

    Oh... and I wink too. I'm certainly not a liar.. so I guess that makes me a man who wants to get laid.. I guess I can live with that. ;) <- see, there's a wink for YOU.

  10. That is so not what I looked like while I was breastfeeding. Where the hell are all the smears of dried milk? Where is the oversized ripped t-shirt? Why does her hair look combed and her face look washed and her sleepiness look sexy instead of rabid? Fucking Angelina.

    She's my hero.

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  12. That last comment was . . . something.

    Anyway, I'd give a zillion bucks to be Angelina Jolie's baby . . .

    Did I just type that?! Oops . . .

  13. Wow. That was some spam! Jill actually called me about the supersecret Chinese info posted here. Thanks for the education, Mr. or Ms. WhoeverYouAre. You crazy, Chinese mindreaders.

    That would be a fun series to have, no? The Crazy Chinese MindReader Tells What You're Thinking. Fabulous.

  14. Why the fascination with something as mundane as breastfeeding? Does Angelina's left breast really warrant being on the cover of a magazine?

    Soapnuts are great.

  15. Wow. I think I had a comment, but then I read the other ones. And then my mind went blank. And then boobies. So there. You read my mind.


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