Thursday, October 30, 2008

open book schmopen book

It's a big day here at the dayton time. (drum roll, please.....)


(For the record? It's pronounced schmo-long O sound-pen. Just want you to keep up, that's all.)

What in the WORLD is Open Book, Schmopen Book? I know you want to know. The name itself is just plain fascinating. I'm an INTRIGUE MACHINE.

Open Book, Schmopen Book, or OBSB, is where you get to pick my brain about your Most Pressing Questions. Or, if you find yourself completely void of Pressing Questions, and just want to know, say, what color socks I'm wearing at noon on Thursday, you can ask me that. Maybe you would like to know my reaction, should the world as we know it cease to function and John McCain become the next POTUS.

Ask away.

I'll be checking the comments, and on Sunday, after church and a nap, I will answer your questions. Supposing there aren't, say, nintey gazillion. That'd make the answer session post a wee bit too long, don't you think? No? Well, I think it would, and it's my blog, and what I say is the truth. So neener-neener. Or nanu-nanu, if you're a Mork fan.

Or? nanu-neener. Because it's fun.


  1. Wow, I rarely get to leave the first comment. Perhaps some of your other readers are completely void of Pressing Questions.
    Anyway, I haven't thought of a questions yet. I will take a pause and then if I don't think of anything, I will just sign my name. Here goes: Ah! Here's one.
    1. How did you come to be homeopathically oriented?
    (For me, it was the way I was raised. Not super interesting in that way, but my childhood was. Interesting, that is.)

  2. It's nanny nanny boo boo. ;-) And my question is "which came first, The Dayton Time or MrsDaytonsHubby?"

  3. Yay! My turn! Would you ever consider slotting some sort of Dear Abby day into your masterfully organized entries? Cuz you a W I S E (drawn out so as to show proper reverence) lady and I got me some life questions. I love your take-no-prisoners way of attacking life -- very inspiring to more timid (weak, spineless, doormatlke) gals trying to find their spine. Lemme know : )

  4. I'm going to answer the Dear Abby question now...heck yes. Not that you should confuse my advice with any real advice, like from Dr. Phil or anything.

    Kidding about the Dr. Phil thing, Main Street Mama. Really.

    Ask away. I have a team of actual therapists who actually read this blog who WILL EMAIL ME with helpful suggestions.

  5. questions questions questions,uuuummmm:

    you a pretty open person so its hard to think of stuff to ask, I'll think about it and get back to you!

  6. So THAT'S how I got to be the first comment. It's all so clear now.


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