Thursday, October 16, 2008

responding to a comment

This may not be the comment you expected me to answer. But that one? About China? And the mind-reading? There's not really anything to say about that, now is there?

But this one? Solomon said:

Why the fascination with something as mundane as breastfeeding? Does Angelina's left breast really warrant being on the cover of a magazine?

Soapnuts are great.

Yes, sir, Soap Nuts are great. Weird looking and a little sticky, but those suckers work.

And speaking of suckers. (Ba-dum-bah)

I find it fabulous that you would use the word mundane to describe breastfeeding. I wish more Americans found it to be mundane, rather than scandalous. And the rest of you? Please don't make me go there regarding my position on breastfeeding. My babes? All breastfed until they decided to wean. HB? Just finished recently, as in, hasn't nursed in a week now. I AM ON YOUR TEAM.

Feel free to take a minute to unbunch your undergarments. Please.

Breastfeeding is a protected right of women in New York State and across our nation. Unfortunately, breastfeeding moms are often scorned and treated as if they are doing something wrong and sexual, when really, they are providing the highest-quality nourishment to their babies.

And it's not just men who are uncomfortable with the breastfeeding. It's women, too. Women who are built with the same plumbing and the same natural lactation talents as the one doing the feeding.

It's people whose sense of modesty and propriety have somehow become skewed, who are offended by breastfeeding.

It's people who have bought into the over-sexualization of America.

It's people who have been taught that stigma is an acceptable part of life.

It's people who choose to believe that women breastfeed for their own personal edification. Or that women breastfeed because breastfeeding is allowed by law. Or that breastfeeding has anything whatsoever to do with the mother.

Commonplace. That is what breastfeeding is. It's ordinary. It's not scintillating. It's what women have been doing for decades and centuries and, well, forever. Women have been using their breasts for this purpose since the world began.

So thank you, Solomon, for describing breastfeeding more accurately than I ever thought possible. I am sure there are many who would argue that both of Angelina's breasts warrant significantly more exposure than they actually received on the cover of the magazine, but we'll let them have that conversation on their own time.


  1. Yay for breastfeeding! I tell people the reason why I hardly missed school as a kid was because my mom loved me enough to breastfeed me. I know.. that implies that other moms don't love their kids as much, but I like to stir the pot a little at times.

  2. Yea for boobies! (as long as there not 45+ years old and hanging out at the library!)

  3. So, uhm, I'm sure hope this sounds how I intend it.

    I BF my kids. In public, in private, on a plane, at the park ... I'm totally for it. I, however, am uncomfortable when mom makes a spectacle of herself. And I'm not referring to blanket use vs not. That's a personal decision. I think there's a group of women that are not good at making it a mundane action, that make it a show. Some on accident because baby isn't cooperating, or they're still getting the hang of the new nursing bra, but some on purpose too. I didn't make it a show when I whipped out a bottle, why would it be a show when I whip out a boob?

    Let me go put my soapbox away now.

  4. Hey sweetie. You won one of the books - go see, okay?

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  5. Let me just say that I LOVE reading your blog. You always have great things to say and can be so passionate in your writing. A+ from me.

    On another note: Breastfeeding rocks! That's all I will say about that!

  6. I am with Catherine on the whipping out the breasteses point.


    And yes, for those of you who have never driven to the Buffalo Airport from the east? Rick's Tally-Ho is on the corner of Genesee Street and Transit. It is a high-class joint.

  7. I have nothing snarky here. This post rocked and was so ON. How is it, my dear, that you rocked a soap nuts joke and ended on a high note with a woman's right to breastfeed? Whoot!

  8. You're very welcome. :)


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