Sunday, October 5, 2008

ask, and you shall receive

My new hero: The Mister! Well, if you must know, he was my *old* hero, too, so we'll just drop the adjectives and call him The Mister Hero.

And now that I have a Major Award button, I am going to award said Major Award. Awardawardawardawardawardawardaward. Yes. I am finished.

But first, The Rules. Don't look at me like that, you had to expect there would be rules for the Major Award.

Rule 1. The Major Award should be given to someone who totally deserves a Major Award.
Rule 2. Link back to this post so that we all can glory in our Major Award, all together.

And that about covers it.

The first ever winners of the Major Award are...

That Girl at Hey You! Remember Me?
Why? Because she deserves a Major Award.
This is not to say she does not
appreciate the soft glow of electric sex.

The Hotfessional
Why? Because she appreciates the
soft glow of electric sex shining on her.

Maggie at Okay, Fine, Dammit
Why? Because she gave her dad the
soft glow of electric sex for Christmas.
So ladies, please pass the Major Award to whomever you deem worthy. And the Major Award is fair game to anybody else who knows of a blogger worthy and appreciative of the soft glow of electric sex.

Just don't come looking for me to actually provide any of you with the soft glow of electric sex. Because you will come away disappointed, as I do not actually provide electric sex. That is not why I am here.

*Please note: This award does not actually have anything to do with sex.
*I will keep you updated about the interesting searches The Googles send me. It's sure to be good.


  1. Wait. What's the linky thing for?

  2. Yay! I love the Maggie and I will go check out the others. FRAGILE! Is it Italian?

  3. congratulations on your Major Award! you must be so proud... ;)

  4. Oooohhh I LOVE IT! Thank you !!!! (sorry I'm a little late picking it up dear - this is the first time I've been able to get in here and actually see said button and award. I love it.)


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