Tuesday, October 7, 2008

it's not like anything i've ever seen before

HB isn't feeling well today. I figured that out when he vomited a cruise missile in my supersweet Mini-Cooper minivan today. And then? He reminded me, thoughtfully, as he baptised his bedroom, and me with another blast. And again, another subtle reminder when he barfed his binky across the living room. By across, I mean completely across. The nasty thing landed about twelve feet away.

I don't think I need to remind you of how spectacular I am NOT with the barfing. I'm glad I planned ahead a little, for the third time, anyway, and spread sheets all over the living room floor. That was smart. Because as I was heavering into a couch pillow, I could fold the sheets over the barf so it was not AS VISIBLE nor AS SMELLY. Eeew.

Poor babe is sleeping now. And me? I have a very unpleasant churning going on in my stomach. And by stomach, I don't mean to imply that it's anything uterus-related. No, it feels like the Barf Mill, working away, coupled with an icy feeling in my spine and chills that run down my arms every few minutes.

I'm sure glad I got something easy to prepare out of the freezer for dinner. I think I'll pop some rice in the oven and dip into a jar of applesauce. The Mister can grill some chicken, and it'll be bland night at Maison Dayton tonight.

I'm going to put my pj's on and curl up in a blanket.


  1. aaawww that sucks! I'm so sorry, there is nothing like handling sick kidos when you are prego, I remember this past winter whilst I was prego with Bailey, we all got the 24 hour vomit bug within 12 hours of eachother, no sooner did I finish cleaning up from one and the other had started and then Brian and finally during the night I started and it was aweful,and smelled to high heaven!

    Hope you make it through unscathed!

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  3. *I* nearly hurled. Thanks. Maybe you shouldn't watch the town hall tonight? Might push your tender tummy over the edge.

  4. ugh.. you HAD to go and mention the V word on my blog... now one of mine is doing it!


    hope y'all are feeling better soon.

  5. Oh no. It's coming. Knowing it's coming is half the battle. Get feeling better.Uggg.

  6. Every time my kids get sick I'm convinced I'm getting it too, complete with phantom nausea. Although you could very well be getting sick, I'm just letting you know that I am a hypochondriac and if you are too, then that's OK.

    I hate vomit. Did I mention that?

    I hope you guys are better soon and that the vomit is not accompanied by diarrhea.

  7. Oh gosh - that SUCKS..that is literally the hardest mess in the world to clean up. Give me poo or piss any old mommy day, but not vomit, please, please not vomit.


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