Thursday, October 30, 2008

change is not always good

This is not a political post.

This is a post about how I wanted to use a fun toy called CommentLuv that works brilliantly on Wordpress blogitas, but not so much on Blogger bloggys. And I changed to the other way, and then I changed my mind, and changed it back to the Blogger way, and now?

I lost all my pretty comments. They went away. And I think I remember what four of the questions for me are, but I'm not entirely sure, as you can't really count on my brain this time of the year, or when I'm knocked, or both.

Make sure you check out Open Book, Schmopen Book and leave me your pressing questions. And if I lost your first comment, please ask again.. I would hate for someone to be left out of the mad, mad fun.


  1. Isn't technology fabulous? It never fails to let you down.

  2. I've always thought the jury was still out on science, apparently it's still out on technology as well.

  3. Yeahh...thats why I make my hubby do all the technology adding to my bloggy. Then, if something happens, its his fault, and I have something good to write about! Haha!

  4. Who needs steenkin' technology? I'm going back to letter writing (right.. sure.. uh-huh).

  5. I'm with Julia on this one. More often than not technology complicates things in my life. But I do think I'd be OK with a dishwasher, since I'm it at our house.


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