Friday, October 24, 2008

did you know?

Serious, truly useful information first:

WOMEN!!! You must read this brilliant article on BlogHer about birthing babies. A very interesting study has been done on pregnancy and obstetric interventions. This is important information, especially if you are knocked up like me.

Now, fun stuff:

I won a contest over at Badass Geek's place. The kind of win where win = runner up in a photo contest. I submitted this photo, and people other than you liked it! What did I win? you ask inquisitively? A fancyschmancy blog design. By a true smarty pants. And you know how I feels about the smartypantses.

Also? I am a comedic goddess. Did you know? She also called me the comedy fairy, but I actually bear no resemblance to any fairy, real or imagined, so you are encouraged to just keep reading and not get hung up on the whole fairy thing, which I obviously am still scratching my head over. (See? It's causing me to use really bad prepositional grammar.)

Also? There are some presumably stupid teenage boys, possibly they are the infamous tweens (their voices are practically SHATTERING out there, way past cracking), who are playing remote control cars in the street.

What is the matter with the children of today? And by what is the matter with the children of today, I mean WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH PARENTS TODAY that their imbecile children are playing cars in the street. I live on the third most busy street in my village. THIRD MOST BUSY. Out of three streets.

Right. We have three streets. Four, if you count the one sort-of highway that is technically in the village, but only is counted in the village because there are two fire hydrants on that road, near where the village is supposed to be. So if you count THAT road, I live on the fourth most busyiest street in my village. FOURTH MOST BUSYIEST!

It's very serious over here, on The Least Likeliest Street For One's Child To Be Run Over, Whilst Playing Cars In The Street, in the whole village.

You never knew it was so very dangerous to live in a small town. But there's intrigue on every corner. All 8 of them.


  1. FIRST. *in ya face dance, in ya face dance*

    you rock. see? we have good taste in photography. so myeh..

  2. Great article about birthing. I will have to say that I myself switched doctors this time because my last one was very much like the "bad" doctors they talked about. My new doctor is GREAT plus my friend is studying to be a midwife and is all about getting me info. Not sure how I would do without an epidural. I had one for the last two...I turn into a pathetic mess when I deliver, begging for an epidural! We will have to see how I do this time!!

    Thanks again for the article!

  3. Hi
    So now I will comment on the article you posted. It's good. I like consumer reports, they rock.
    Also, I wanted to look at your picture that won a prize, but, moaning/shrieking/following baby reset my brain again and I forgot to do it. See my post for today if you are scrathing your head about that.
    Oh yeah! I wanted to say also that epidurals are probably definitely overused, but unless I can manage to have my baby in the car before I actually get to the hospital, I will probable allow that nice gentleman with the funny green hat to work his magic that makes me stop puking and shaking.
    That was all one sentence, and on that note, I must go cook!

  4. Yeahh....I meant to go back and change the fairy to goddess to match, but...I just plain 'ole forgot! Either way, it fits! <3

  5. so, I didn't read the article, because I'm not having anymore kids, but who ever said epidurals are over used is smoking crack, I requested one with all 3 of my babies, going through quite a bit of labor with the last before I got the drugs, I wouldn't do it anyother way! Ilovedrugs!

  6. I had my first baby without (only because we ran out of time) and my last three with an epidural. Let's just say "no pain no gain" isn't always true:)

  7. I'll have to head over and read that article . . . I still soak those things up.

    What a great photo, simple, detailed. Good stuff . . .

    Congrats on your win! Love new looks/designs!


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