Thursday, March 6, 2008

100 things about me

  1. I collect antique plates and hang them on my living room wall.
  2. Also I like Milk Glass.
  3. I have the best living room furniture ever--a matching, antique, burgundy mohair/velvety chair and couch.
  4. I love yellow and green, which is something I would never have expected going to a "green and gold" high school.
  5. I still find the colors of my alma mater appalling; equally gross are the colors of my college alma mater: brown and gold.
  6. I make all of the food we eat with the exception of cold cereal, some bread, pasta and junk food.
  7. I love vegetables.
  8. I only sort-of like most fruit.
  9. My children would live on peanut butter and jelly and fruit if I let them.
  10. Sometimes I do.
  11. Because I'm tired of hearing them (read: Olivia) complain about what is actually for dinner.
  12. If I could, I would never leave my house.
  13. I do not like feet.
  14. My feet are always cold.
  15. I am not ticklish.
  16. I am not fond of nicknames.
  17. I hate stupid nicknames.
  18. I just hate stupidity, actually.
  19. And lying.
  20. But sometimes, exaggerating is fun.
  21. I do 12 loads of laundry a week, mostly on Friday and Saturday.
  22. In the summer, I only do laundry on sunny days so I can use my clothesline.
  23. There are a few things I should cut out of my life.
  24. Use of the F word is one.
  25. Duct taping my children to their beds at nap time is another. (Just kidding. We are out of duct tape.)
  26. I wish I was ambitious enough to clean my house regularly.
  27. But I would much rather mess up my kitchen.
  28. I like my Alpha Male. A lot.
  29. I like that other people think he's hot. HA! I win! So back off already.
  30. But even though you're hot, you still need to manicure that beast you call beard. Really.
  31. I enjoy sarcasm.
  32. I am sarcastic to God, and he understands and loves me anyway. Cool.
  33. I am sarcastic to my Alpha Male. He says, "If I said that to you, you would cry and cry." He's right, I would.
  34. Then I feel like a jerk.
  35. I do not understand lots of things.
  36. Even though I am super smart.
  37. For example, why do children not go to sleep when they are tired?
  38. Also I don't understand why people think highly of me.
  39. I am just doing my job, people.
  40. Most of the time, at a less than mediocre pace.
  41. And I am often Not Nice.
  42. Very Not Nice, and I find it difficult to like people.
  43. I like movies, but it stresses me out to go to the theatre. Especially movies that are suspenseful or kinda scary.
  44. When we are rich I will own every movie made by Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, and Cary Grant.
  45. And I will watch them while my maid cleans my bathroom.
  46. Sometimes I get migraines, and I have to go to bed. For the day.
  47. Sometimes I get an attitude, and I have to go to time out. With coffee. Then I have to come out of time out. For the day.
  48. I wish I had a quarter for every time I've been asked, "Is that your real eye color?" Yes. It is.
  49. I was adopted.
  50. It makes me nuts when people say my kids look like someone else, or ignore how they share features with me, because I have nobody else.
  51. I have a sneaking suspicion my adopted father could be my biological father. Neato, huh?
  52. I don't know what color hair I have. But some are shimmery.
  53. I really like when it's superdark brown.
  54. People have wondered if I'm a natural redhead. I am not.
  55. I like food.
  56. Meat, pasta, dessert, I love it all.
  57. But I really like food best when I make it.
  58. I never order food that I can cook. It's always better at home.
  59. I require a lot of sleep.
  60. I don't get lots of sleep, that is why I'm a little crabby, I think.
  61. Some would say I am just naturally crabby.
  62. My goal for this year is to freeze or otherwise preserve enough food to last the winter, and only grocery shop for fresh fruit and possibly butter and olive oil.
  63. Butter should be its own food group.
  64. I have an iPod. It is broken.
  65. I want an iPod that is not broken.
  66. I love the Dixie Chicks because they are incredible musicians.
  67. I like Oldies that were on the radio when I was a kid, all that pre-1970's stuff.
  68. I love 20th century classical music, especially Bartok, Bernstein, Copeland, and Ives.
  69. I also love Dvorak, Mendelssohn, Vaughan-Williams, Respighi, and Bach.
  70. I studied double bass with a guy who was the assistant principal of the Cleveland Orchestra, but primarily with Henry Peyrebrune, who is one of the kindest and loveliest people I have ever known. Also lovely are his wife Tracy and their children.
  71. Orchestra was one of the only classes I enjoyed in college.
  72. I have a (useless) degree in Music Education.
  73. If I had not moved back to New York, I would have gone to graduate school in Cleveland.
  74. I'd have a Masters of Social Work and a JD.
  75. Instead I married J.D.
  76. I'd have been a real punk-ass lawyer.
  77. I like to play in the dirt.
  78. I love tulips, lavendar, and daisies. They are happy fellas.
  79. I plan to landscape my entire yard because I'd rather pull weeds tham mow. Also, flowers are prettier than grass.
  80. I love home-canned tomatoes. I have an entire cupboard dedicated solely to home-canned tomatoes and tomato sauce.
  81. My right hand pointer finger turns grey when I'm outside in winter, even when I'm wearing gloves.
  82. But mostly I don't dream.
  83. I am never making rice on the stove again. No. Sir.
  84. I used to be a Republican, but I switched to Democrat to vote against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Presidential Primary.
  85. I do too much because I'm afraid of what will happen if I stop.
  86. Actually I don't know how to stop.
  87. I love my little family more than anything.
  88. And you know I love me some good, strong coffee.
  89. I really, really, achingly want to have another baby.
  90. But that would be it. That's unless I had a baby for somebody else, but I'm almost to the point where they would call me a geriatric pregnancy, and I am not really into being referred to as 'geriatric'.
  91. I have very few friends and I like it that way.
  92. I like Alpha Male's friends (except one who is an ass, but I tolerate him because I love Alpha Male.)
  93. I hope to like my children's friends.
  94. I think I am a little much for most people. They just do not know what to do with me.
  95. I love to wear jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt or sweatshirt, but I like to dress up once in a while.
  96. In my mind's eye (or in the nightmares where I am getting my teeth knocked out), I have really long hair.
  97. I believe I am called to be a servant to those in need, but I draw the line at becoming a perpetual pack mule.
  98. I believe the greatest thing I can do in my life is to raise my children to be honest, hard-working, God-loving adults.

There it is, my 100 Random Facts about me. Hope you've enjoyed today's exhibits of the Pamela Dayton show. Consider yourself tagged. I offer you the first Dayton Time Contest. Send me your 100 Random Facts about you by posting a comment (or emailing me, if you must). I will have one of the shorties select the names of two people to receive a yummy loaf of homemade bread, because I am acquiring mad bread skills, so believe you me, it is a prize you will be receiving. You can choose from Maple Whole Wheat, Sourdough, Plain Old Boring Sandwich Bread, or Pumpernickel. If you live far away, I will package it well and send it off. Contest ends Sunday night, March 9th, at 10:00 p.m., or by the time I check in Monday morning. Whichever comes first.


  1. Pamela, I think you could be a stand up comedian. This was a fun read:) Will we see you on Tuesday? Looking forward to hearing about the veggies:)

  2. Glad you enjoyed, hope to see your 100. Still trying to get a hold of Shalyn, so hopefully I'll be there on Tuesday.

  3. I got to #44 and Miles said I was cheating so I have to start again.

    1. I have no idea how Pamela has time to write 100 things about herself. I have only one child and I’m not sure I’m going to make it.
    2. I collect anything and everything Disney - I have approximately 8 napkins from The World in my purse - they come in very handy.
    3. Especially anything Haunted Mansion. I love this ride and I have ridden it over 100 times. I was terrified the first time I rode it at 5y.o.. but as an adult it is my fave.
    4. My favorite gift, ever, is the satellite picture of the Magic Kingdom that Miles pieced together and had printed for me.
    5. I love, love, love having my own house.
    6. I hate, hate, hate the color of the walls and carpets - biscuit - YUCK!
    7. I’m decorating, I mean cluttering, it with all things Disney so it’s all good - and pictures of the kiddo and family too!
    8. I love taking photographs and I am getting better but I still have a long way to go.
    9. I suspect I don’t have the patience that it takes to really develop photography as a hobby.
    10. I’m going to be an aunt for the first time in September.
    11. I’m psyched to not be the only one producing grandchildren in the family.
    100 - Pamela are you kidding me???
    12. I’m working on making many of the things that my family eats.
    13. I did make ALL of CR’s baby food from birth until Crackers...
    14. I don’t know all of my schools colors - Homer was blue and white? Cortland State - red and something - NYU - purple and something
    15. I used to know sign language - I’m now teaching CR what I remember - but I prefer it when she talks
    16. I don’t really like salad
    17. I do like making juice - carrots, apples and celery mmmmm...
    18. I have many environmental worries - BPA, plastics, using the right cleaning stuff
    19. This all started after I had a child - Hmmmm... My child is screaming so I have to go and feed her.
    20. I really want my own espresso machine but my friend Jenn’s husband David, has convinced me that it has to be a “good one”
    21. That means I’ll get one when I’m 50
    22. I’m embarrassed to admit that I voted for a republican - once - Mike Bloomberg - does he REALLY count?
    23. I do about 8 loads of laundry a week. I try to do one a day...most days...
    24. It is against the neighborhood convenances to dry your laundry outside
    25. I try to be a good neighbor - but this one is a little over the top for me. I get why we have them but...they still bother me. We got written up twice last summer for weeds...actually A weed, once it wasn’t even in our yard. Grrrrr...
    26. I started college as an education major, majored in sociology and ended up a psychotherapist
    27. until I had a child, then I really went to work
    28. I miss working with crazy people, they were much easier than a toddler
    29. I really like bright colors, especially red.
    30. but I mostly wear black - if you know a darker color please tell me.
    31. I’m actually pretty sunny though.
    32. I lived in and around NYC for almost ten years.
    33. Even though I loved taking the ferry, I hated living on Staten Island
    34. I’ve discovered just how liberal I am living in Colorado
    35. It’s been a big adjustment
    36. I enjoying being peoples weird liberal friend
    37. it makes for interesting conversation - occasionally I enjoy saying something really, really shocking - Like, “Well, I’m a registered Democrat.” at a mommies group. It’s fun to watch the looks go around the room.
    38. It breaks my heart to meet children who have never met their father’s because they are serving in the military over seas. I respect what their father’s are doing. I couldn’t do it. But it still really bother’s me.
    39. I’m very ticklish but I only sometimes like being tickled
    40. I like to play dress-up with the kiddo - she comes up with the coolest outfits
    41. I play the clarinet
    42. and saxophone
    43. I hate hearing my baby cry
    44. My favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life
    45. Bedford Falls is really Seneca Falls, NY where I spent a lot of time growing up. I really miss it and wish I could spend more time there. I hope that CR gets time at the lakes growing up. Tromping around in the woods and swimming in a lake (not a pool) is a childhood necessity.
    46. My Grandma B. is my favorite role model. A nurse, a mother of 4 and a wife for almost 50 years...
    47. I wish CR met her but she didn’t so I named her after her great grandmother.
    48. I am proud to have an ancestor in the Women’s Hall of Fame
    49. I want to raise my daughter to believe that she can do what ever she chooses
    50. None of my expensive education has prepared me for my current occupation
    51. I hate yelling or getting angry.
    52. I hate even more that sometimes it is necessary.
    53. I love CRs play dates because it gives me a chance to be with adults.
    54. I can’t stand being cooped up in the house.
    55. I used to hate iPods and now I love mine. I use it for everything...
    56. I listen to over 20 podcasts a week - most of them about Disney
    57. I write the Daily Dose of Disney for Yahoo!
    58. I am really proud of it. I have 3000 readers everyday.
    59. My daughter and I really love shoes.
    60. I want two more babies.
    61. I am a geriatric mother
    62. I have the weirdest non-sequitur dreams - I will not share them here.
    63. I have never been a good sleeper - but it’s worse since I had CR - for over a year I didn’t sleep for more than 5 hours straight. This gives you really, really weird dreams.
    64. I am a few close friends - many acquaintances kind of lady

    I Like:
    65. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
    66. Mint chocolate chip ice cream
    67. the sound of waves and rain storms - although I am getting to love the sound of the wind here. It’s almost as calming.
    68. Any food made from pig
    69. Great stories - books or movies
    70. CR laughing - even better if it is with her papa
    71. my furies - Max, Claire and Annabelle - even more now given how wonderful they are with CR - they put up with a lot and love her as much as we do.
    72. Christmas

    I really don’t like
    73. Things that are ugly (not in a visual way) - people’s attitudes, nastiness, things that smell
    74. Anyone/thing using 9/11 as an excuse for anything. I was there, I lived it, I worked with the victims, I watched the funerals. It’s disgusting.
    75. Violence in general - doesn’t accomplish much - other than pissing other people off.
    76. Labeling people - even though I’m guilty of it myself at times

    77. Reading Pamela’s blog sometimes breaks my heart. I don’t trust the general public enough to write like she does. Sometimes I’m a cynic.
    78. I really love my friends - we call them “chosen family” in our house. I miss them when I don’t see them. I really miss my friends in New York. CR’s chosen aunties and uncles are the best people we know.
    79. I wish that CR was going to grow up closer to her extended family. The closest family is 1500 miles away. That’s really far...
    80. I am not cool - and that is OK with me. I hope that it is OK with the kiddo. I have no desire to be the cool mom but I do want to be a loved one.
    81. I lived in the same house from the time I was one until I graduated from college (I lived at school but that doesn’t count). Since then I have moved eight times. I don’t want to move anymore.
    82. Even though I don’t necessarily love it here. I do love our house (or just having a house) and it is a good place for CR to grow up. When CR was born we lived in an apartment the size of my current kitchen. We were a little cramped.
    83. As much as I loved New York, I don’t want CR to grow up there. One look at the 8 year olds in designer jeans screaming at their parents on their cell phones...I don’t want to fight that battle.
    84. I have really short hair at the moment, for the first time in a really long time. I like it even though I need to learn how to style it better - again patience...
    85. I know it was the right thing to do but I feel guilty that we left our church here. People keep calling but it just wasn’t right for us.
    86. I worry that there is not a right church for us out here. We miss our old church so much. Some things are harder to let go of than others.
    87. I worry I don’t see my family enough and they will just write me off. They do not approve of my choices. Somedays I don’t care.
    88. Driving across country in the middle of the winter with our 6 month old baby, dog and two cats - our little family - is one of our greatest and scariest adventures.
    89. Finding and buying our first house in one weekend is another.
    90. I worry I’ve heard too much sometimes - but I know that it has helped others. I miss being a therapist because I knew that I was doing something good everyday. The stakes are so high with your own child that mistakes come at a higher price and I’ve seen the higher price and yet I know that some mistakes are unavoidable.
    91. I can’t stand to see my husband sad. I would rather it be me.
    92. I will have been with my husband for 15 years in May. Almost as long as I was without him. I wouldn’t change a thing.
    93. I am continually amazed by the strength and ferociousness of my love for Miles and CR. It is a other worldly thing. I fear losing them more than anything else. As long as we are together...
    94. I look forward to each day. I don’t want to hurry time.
    95. I miss street food.
    96. I love watching a city wake up.
    97. Reading Goodnight Moon makes me sad.
    98. Dr. Phil is a hack - I think Dr. Drew is the best therapist on TV
    99. My living room set and most of my kitchen appliances are bright red. Did I mention, I really like red?
    100. I’ve been yelled at by the “It’s time to make the donuts guy”. But his wife was really nice to me.

  4. Love it!

    And for the record, I wrote it on paper, during naptime and after bedtime the other day, in the notebook where I write down my children's every word.

    Well, the shocking and hilarious ones, at least.

    You should put this up on yours. Or did you already? I haven't been there yet.

    And cheating? Pish posh, M!

  5. Okay... So I found your blog the other day... and I AM working on my 100... It's just been a process, lol. I miss you! Hope all is well!


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